Ben Folds 5 minus 4 plus 2

Last night my roommate and I went to see Ben Folds at Wolf Trap.

Firstly, let me just say I LOVE Wolf Trap. I like that it is a smaller venue. I like that they have been recycling for years. I really like that I can bring my own food and beverages (wine and beer last night) and consume it on the lawn. The staff there is amazingly friendly. Sign interpreter for every show. This is how a venue should run.

The opening act was Julia Nunes. She started her portion of the show playing the ukulele , later progressing to the guitar. She played a few original songs as well as some covers, including "Bye Bye Bye" She was fun, quirky and engaging.

Ben Folds gets on stage, plays some songs then decides that he loves playing this venue, because he gets to the learn the signs for words like fuck. He then improvs a song that starts with "Fuck, fuck, fuck...., fuck" while he watches the girl signing. Then transitions to "shit, shit, shit, shit..., shit" while doing the same thing. Then he says this is where it gets a bit harder and he incorporates the words "endoplasmic reticulum" and "spinal bifida" into the song. Very funny reactions from the girl and the crowd.

Later he gets the crowd to do a three part harmony for a part of a song. At the conclusion of this song, he then spends time conducting portions of the audience.

Very good music all night long. Extremely entertaining. A great time was had.



    Anyone who can create such a solid record can do no wrong in my book. I'm only sorry I couldn't see him with you.

    LMAO....very nice

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