The Weekend That Was & Check Your Facts

Exhausted!... Still. I spent the weekend feeding revelers liquid libations. My sleep some nights (mornings) was rather broken up. I still have a pattern on my back and I still managed to have a good time overall.

Working a country concert after 4 nights of Pride events, was not so good. I was a zombie and had no tolerance for the people. However, it is over and done with.

I don't have a "Notes From The Frozen Bar" this week. My bad, I will try to do better next week. There was enough going on that note taking took a back seat this week. Minus the note of there being no protein on the new drink menu. :-)

The good times of the weekend were:

~Seeing Charles & Charlie, even if one of them left his bags at Nellie's after getting tossed (oops)

~Getting a textured pattern on my back

~Joining Vida and getting a little acclimated to the place.

~Making money

~Watching "Enchanted" with someone that knows all the songs.

~Taking a 30 minute metro trip from Gallery Place/Chinatown to Shaw/Howard U. (yes...2 stops) Metro Opens Doors!

So, on to fact checking or how we won a trivia contest and have no good reason to have done so.

Last night (Monday), myself & my roommate went up to the City Tavern in Old Town Manassas to meet up with The Girls of Manassas whom I have not seen in at least a year and to participate in the trivia night. Apparently straight bars don't take their trivia as seriously as gay bars, which is kinda interesting. Well, ok, maybe it is just this rednecky type bar that does not. Anyway, I found it odd that somehow with missing a bunch of questions at the end of 4 rounds and going into the final round we had 480 points and were in first place by 60. I tried to do math that might make sense for us to have so many points and that didn't go so well in my mind.

And then there were the problems with questions:

1. Who has the most Super Bowl MVPs and how many? Answer given: Joe Montana with 4. Correct Answer: Joe Montana with 3, I had to point out to the host that Jerry Rice and Steve Young both won 1 MVP apiece and that San Francisco has won 5 Super Bowls not 6. Okay so, not a hugh problem just a number thing.

2. What was the role on NYPD Blue played by Jimmy Smits, David Caruso & Ricky Schroder? Answer given: Det. John Kelly. Correct Answer: They all played different detectives. Jimmy Smits was Det. Bobby Simone, David Caruso was Det. John Kelly and Rick Schroder was Det. Danny Sorenson. Apparently, someone never watched this show.

3. What is Tiger Woods' record in playoffs? Answer given: 15-2 Correct Answer: 15-2, good job on getting this one correct as it includes his worldwide totals and not just the PGA tally (11-1)...but, wait what was the host's explanation? "He is 15-2 in all PGA events and 11-1 in playoffs in majors." (oops!) I just about spit out my beer that I was drinking when I heard that. For those who don't know Tiger just won his 14th Major and no...12 of them have not gone to a playoff. Only two have, the 2000 PGA Championship and the 2008 U.S. Open.

There were other uncertainties over the course of the evening, but as a knowledgemonger nights like these drive me nuts.



    Lala, fact of the matter is, we won. :P fair and square. :)

    That we did, doll. That we did.

    It was just more amusing for me from the trivia maven stand point than anything.



    ok so the sofa is textured, it wasn't my buy so redirect that anger where it belongs! :)

    "hooooooooooooooooooooooow doessssss sheeeeeee knoooooooooooooow youuuu lovvvvvve herrrrrr!" is fucking MAGIC...end of discussion.

    *boots up song on youtube*

    and metro is a spawn of satans poor sense of direction and responsibility, maybe they both burn for delaying us so much

    and i'm glad one of us made some money

    stupid fcking pride



    Now, anger about the textured back... except to my parents for the sensitive skin.

    LOL..."metro is a spawn of satans poor sense of direction and responsibility" That explains sooooo much.


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