The New Year

At the rate that I have been blogging, I know that this will be the last one for this year and my hope is going forward to change the nature of my posts and to have fun with this blog, like I did when I first started it.

This fall semester was rather busy and once I started having to write papers, I lost the creative energy to put out anything that I felt was worthwhile on here, so I just didn't post. I have; however, have continued to live.

As I believe I stated once before this blog will be taking on a less personal nature next year. I just don't have the need in that arena anymore. I am happy with so much in my life that the negative will no longer have a hold on me. Last week, I did decide to vent my frustration with a matter through a facebook status, which is ALWAYS a mistake. I learned 2 valuable lessons: 1) don't change your facebook status at 2:00 am, if you have been drinking & 2) status changes should be restricted to funny quips and wishings of good tidings.

Anyway, a few words about 2008:

The number of minds that have startled me this year are immeasurable and it is a chief event in any of those days. These are the moments and the interactions to enjoy and to devour. Whether it be walking down the street being a mutual geek with someone or sitting around my bedroom listening to random things and talking about the even more random or sometimes it is just a smile from the right person that lights up my heart. Life is just amazing sometimes.

I have met and made strong bonds with some AMAZING friends. You all mean the world to me and I can't imagine where I would be at the end of this year without the influence that you all have had on me. Not all of the strong bonds have been with new friends, I also like that some old bonds are being renewed and that some never fade regardless of the trivialities of the day, the week, the year.

I am capable of trusting people, again.

I am, also, able to let people go when it is necessary. It will always break my heart how some things end up, but I will no longer be the sole contributor in any relationship. It is not healthy for me or for any of you. In short: If you want to be my friend, be.

I have found myself one step closer to having the degree that I have decided after 10 years that I should obtain. It has been greatly necessary. After, this one semester, I have come to realize that I have ridiculously high expectations for myself and, frankly, I think that they are needed and obtainable. So, that's where that is now and I hope to have everything headed to success in the years to come.

So, with that 2008 is coming to a close and I can't wait for 2009, I have a hunch it is going to be a good year for many of us.


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