G5 down, Productivity up & Thwarted by Mormons

My G5 does not load past the Apple screen anymore, which means I can't use it currently. I have to take it to the Apple Store at Fair Oaks Mall to have them take a look at it, though I suspect that it is the hard drive since everything else seems to be firing up nicely. But, alas it isn't doing anything but spitting fire.

Which brings me to productivity. I have been super productive on the non-technical side. Painted my bathroom, put most of my bedroom away, washed dishes, worked out everyday, etc. Funny how much the computer seems to get in my way. I have found a way of getting on-line in the downtime...The Business Center

But, today, earlier that is...I was thwarted by Mormon Missionaries. I came by the BC to use the internet before working out. They were in here submitting some forms. I suspect it is people that they have looped into joining their cult. No big deal...I just went to work out instead. After an hour of working out, I came back by the BC...the bitches were still on here. GRRR!!!!

I went back home and bathed (I really need to buy a shower curtain). Got dressed for an interview and here I am blogging about such things.

But whatever...


Stay or Leave -Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

From his solo effort Some Devil and is performed with an AMAZING guitarist, Tim Reynolds. It is very relaxing and sweet. I think everyone has felt this way at some point with the exception of maybe the Evil One. :-)

Wake up naked drinking coffee
Making plans to change the world
While the world was changing us
It was good good love
We used to laugh under the covers
Maybe not so often now
The way I used to laugh with you
Was loud and harsh.

Enjoy and sorry about all the video posts recently. They just come to me sometimes and I wish to share.


Against All Odds - The Postal Service

I love this cover of this song or perhaps it is just an excuse to have Josh Hartnett somewhere on my blog. Hmmm...

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


Life Is Only Seven Points

Packing...ugh! 'Nuff Said!

I acted in a one act play in high school entitled "Life" Is Only Seven Points by David Rush. A synopsis pulled from Dramaticpublishing.com:

Every Sunday, 38-year-old Jerry has dinner with his parents, playing Scrabble with his lively mother as his aging father declines into senility. This night, the game triggers memories and, as his mother wins and becomes increasingly cheerful, Jerry finds himself depressed by his failed marriage and his inability to elicit honest answers from his mother. As the game goes on—in a sometimes funny, suddenly painful, and very moving encounter—Jerry forces her to help him face some deeply hidden and tragic truths about his relationship with his father. Poignant and affecting, this is a crisply written, witty mix of comedy and tragedy in the finest tradition of the theatre.

I played the role of the father who was slipping into senility, while watching 60 Minutes. Good times!

So, why do I mention this? Because, my screen name elsewhere is the title of the play. My favorite question to field is some form of:

-So life is only 7 points, huh? Yes, it is.
-How many points is death worth? It is worth 9.

The play itself is very well written and hits on the topic of life and how sometimes we take it a bit too seriously. While there exists a lot of bullpooh in our daily lives, life itself is good. Life is also fragile and we should take each day and live it out to the best of our abilities, because we don't know exactly when we won't have the luxury of one more breath.

So that's the end of my post, and I do like to end the post with a kind of "Oh" feeling, and I think I've done that quite well.


*editted to add a title.


I am busy moving my way down 66. Already beginning my social death. Tonight I will fight back with an outing to dinner & trivia (or the Caps game) and Thursday I will attend a cat's birthday party. Us gays will look for any reason to have a party. Other than this and work, I am sorting my life in boxes and preparing to move them to Manassas: The Park.

Anyway, plan to be invited to a Sunday Fiesta in "The Park" on Memorial Day weekend or thereabouts. Details to come later.

I will return to my regularly scheduled blogging when I am not doing twenty things at once.


The Temptation of Adam - Josh Ritter

The most beautiful apocalyptic love song you will ever hear, IMHO. Those of you who know my musical tastes, know that I am huge fan of good lyrics and mostly accompanied by an acoustic guitar as well. So, of course, I love this song.


Lovely Days of Spring

Sooooo much to do and sooooo little desire to do it. I HATE PACKING!!! I would rather sell everything & have someone come pick it all up than move everything. *sigh*

It is gorgeous outside, but I am inside packing (READ: procrastinating packing and blogging instead). Today, reflects the return of my old friend, Hope (Someone wanna cue up Sen. Obama?). I am very optimistic about my future and the possibilities that lie ahead. I don't know exactly what I want to do with my future beyond finishing my BS in Bio. I have a few ideas, but I need to sort it all out at some future date.

Shifting gears, I am working this summer as a bartender at Nissan Pavilion in their VIP Club with my good friend/new roommate and a friend of ours once he gets back from his tour of duty. Should be a great time. I love sloshing drinks together for rednecks at country shows, it reminds me of home... In a nostalgic self-loathing kinda way. Speaking of which the second show of the season is Radiohead (I know you liked the segue). Anyhow, enough of this, time to pack a few more boxes and then chill outside before work.


Something new...(short one here)

I have a new place to live. So, I won't be homeless, yet. Granted it is out in Manassas: The Park. So, anyone who has room for a "sleeping me" on the Friday nights that I am at town, I will be forever in your debt.

So to the Checklist:

1) A place to live...*check*

2) A job for the weekdays... still doing interviews, keep your fingers crossed

3) A place to take classes...*check* Starting Fall '08

4) A man to consistently cuddle... *shrug* nothing in the works, but a boy can dream :-)

Hope all is going well in the world for the rest of you and I will post some pics of the place once everything gets moved in, set up, etc.

much love,


Spreading the love

I just realized that a handful of my closest friends are not going to be an arms length away anymore. And I will be furthest from DC that I have lived in 4 years if I do move to Manassas *cringes at name*

But I have friends that this year will be in the following new/old locales:

Salisbury, MD
Phoenix, AZ
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Somewhereorothere, VT

I think it may be signs of an impending Apocalypses and I still haven't read The Left Behind Series, so I'm screwed. But, then the smarter words of a friend came through with a Hallmark type sentiment that might make you gag or cry. It really just depends on how you react to such things.

"nah, it's just the winds of change blowin' the good seeds to spread the love."-KH

I guess it is time for them to use their varying skills in other locations and to strive toward making the world a better place to live. As I believe it is time for me to get that piece of paper to hang on the wall.

It will be nice one day to have a conversation where I say: "You are crazy!" and instead of the usual response: "f*** you! There is nothing wrong with me flinging pooh at the other passengers on the train!" I will get this response: "Thank you doctor, Now write me the F***ing Prescription!"

Oh, how I can't wait for that transition. :-)

For people who LOVE music

So a friend of mine had a link posted on his "here message" on g-mail. If you love music and you are over 18 you should check it out.


The Latest!

I might do the unthinkable and the very wise...I may be moving to Manassas to be closer to school and to save some money on rent (think in the neighborhood of $400-500/month) & probably on food as well since I will be taking on the role of general nutritionist and not eating out or drinking so often.

It makes me happy, but there is great sacrifice as well. I don't like being this far from DC and my friends that are there. I also, don't want to think about the drive home after working at town Fridays (worse) & Saturday (bad). Though I really like the apartment that we viewed and it would be with someone that could use being moved herself & is mutually agreeable. But, we will see. I do have an apartment to view near U Street Metro this week as well.

I may need someone's cough every once in a while if I do move out here and if any of my friends are willing to have me. Love my town brothers *bats eyes*

Anyway, just a quick update from suburbia.

Wowsers! There are some crazies out there!

A friend of mine posted this as a bulletin on her myspace page. Apparently, she has a few friends that would benefit from reading this. I enjoyed the writing style and the story is crazy. I know it is 6 pages long but it is worth the read as it is by the screenwriter, Josh Olson. He wrote the screenplay for the film A History of Violence.

Read and enjoy:

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble

Good weekend at town, even with the multiple gropings, a full drink down my side and sweaty messes on the dance floor. I had a good time overall and the hot messes are always good for a laugh. So, also are my co-workers and the words that come out of our mouths...

"I have a hard time remembering that she is a man and not just a really pale black woman."
"If it ain't spit, it ain't love."

I have set up 4 interviews for this week, woot! None, of course, in the traditional 9-5 arena, but there will be time for that later in my life. I have also taken a job this summer working at Nissan Pavilion as a VIP server (though hopefully that will turn to bartender before we start), which I did for one show last year and made fantastic money and had a tremendous amount of fun (cutting myself aside).

I haven't been feeling 100% recently, as in toward the end of last night/this morning and today. I think it is mostly allergy related or perhaps that is more of a hope. I dunno. If I mention this again next week, someone make sure to remind me that I probably need to go to a doc about it.

Apartment searching... still soooo much trouble, at this rate I will be living out of a cardboard box on 6th & V, which is at least near a Starbucks. I have til April 30th to find a place (YIKES!)

This week needs to be intense, me thinks. Hopefully, I can come out of it with another job and an apartment. And perhaps with a slightly more interesting blog.

Just A Fun Look at ted.com

If you are unfamiliar with "Ted" shame on you! The site can be found here and I am posting a video from there for you to enjoy as well. Though some of you have already seen it and may have even introduced my lesser self to it.

I hope you enjoy.

See more at TED

So, this week I have finally decided to get serious about finding a M-F job, that will keep me sane and allow me to live at the level that I had been accustomed to living. Well, minus some of the extras that I really don't need. I have shot my résumé out to several companies with some smart cover-letters (for instance: "Dear Hiring Manager:   I get it!   Best regards,") and now I play the waiting game. Granted the above mentioned cover-letter resulted in me getting a call the next day to interview next week. Look at the good I do.

Searching for an apartment with a deadline of 26 days is kinda ominous. I want to find the right value for my money and I need to know if I am moving with someone or if there will be continued dragging of feet that will result in me taking swift actions to secure my own place. I would like to move into the District & work all my jobs semi-nearby to where I live. I'm such a dreamer. :-)

Seriously though, I am ever so slightly stressed out about all of this and I need to begin packing. I need to know if my best friend is going to move in with me or not. I need to know of any good places to live. And I really just need to get all of this in place, so I can look forward to taking classes in the fall & maybe pretend to have something resembling a dating life.

I did determine that I am a shallow douche bag, well only slightly but I use mean words when referring to myself sometimes. The reason for this douche bagginess? I cannot date someone that is overweight. I just can't. I have tried. But, I honestly can not find them attractive. That being said...I am no model of physical perfection (laughs at self), in fact I am pretty far off from that. 

I need a GOOD gym buddy. Someone who will call and say hey lets go workout. I don't need them to hold my hand while we are there, but I don't particularly like working out alone. I will and have and do, but it doesn't motivate me to strive farther. So, I am weak! I want to play volleyball and be seriously competitive for the first time since I was 20.

So, I got slightly off topic. It's my blog...I can do that.

More to the point on the single life. I am very picky about guys that I consider dateable. You have to be kind, on a similar intellectual level as me, challenge my opinions (intelligently), not unattractive (on the J-Scale of hotness you must be at least a 4, negative numbers are good as well), confident (not arrogant) & you must LAUGH.

Ramble on...

Random thoughts ??

I have lived in this building for 2 years and I know zero people on my floor. I know the front desk staff, the 2 gays that I knew before moving in here & the guy on the 14th floor that is a friend of a friend. That's it and I don't interact with any of them regularly. I don't even know how I should feel about that. I guess it just is how some things go.

I am now 80-20 in favor of staying in the greater DC area, thank you family. Now, it is a matter of making myself decide between returning to UMCP or going to NOVA for a semester or 2 then going to Mason.

And I have 29 days till I must move out of my current apartment and move in to another place, so perhaps I should solidify all of that. So, if anyone out there knows of any place that is affordable (laughs) to live let me know. :-)

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