The Weekend That Was

It has been a long, fun weekend and such and now let me take you back to view the happenings.

Firstly, I must give a shout out of gratitude to Cam & Scottie for putting up with me for 3 nights in a row. Words alone can't express how wonderful you have been to me. Thank you so much!

Friday: Started at the gym at 4 pm. Helped a co-worker set up a facebook page at 5:30. Helped the roommate set up the Frozen Bar at 7. Went to Nellie's around 8:45, for Este's B-day, back to Town to work the main bar at 9:30. It was kinda dead (thank you NYC Pride) Overall, not a terrible night, I enjoyed seeing the trivia team out and about, etc.

Saturday: Woke up around 10:30 am, I think. Went to get a can of coffee at the store across the street from Cam & Scottie's place. Unfortunately, they were out of coffee, so began an LOTR journey, ending at a Starbuck's. I returned triumphantly with a bag of Guatemalan coffee, go me. Then, there was "WANTED". Very good movie! So much eye candy! Highly recommend this action movie! After the movie there was a trip to Best Buy, setting up of a PS3 & dinner at Thai Chef. Then, off to work at 7:30 pm. Frozen Wallet Killa. There was comedy in the form of..."Let's go get pancakes. Now."

Sunday: No clue when I woke up. it felt early still. Cam & I went to Francis' to swim and grill out after a quick stop at Whole Foods for some tasty treats to put on said grill.

-Some Notes about me and the pool: I am comfortable enough to where square cut swim trunks, I was not the palest person at the pool remarkably & is tasty.

After the swimming we went back to Cam's, the 3 of us plus Francis' roommate and Brian to drink and play the Wii. Dinner at Lorial Plaza. Then Cobalt for karaoke.

-Some notes about Cobalt: I will no longer sing after drinking more than 3 drinks (my apologies all), I should never start taking shots of warm Patron, I don't remember leaving (so, I probably did not say goodbye), I was beyond trashed (sorry, sorry, sorry)

I don't remember anything beyond singing at Cobalt, climbing into bed, climbing out of bed, getting sick, back to bed, repeat sickness, clean up, shower, bed. Passed out! Didn't stir once in the night.

Monday: Yes, not technically the weekend but whatever. Watched a portion of "The Last Kiss." Did lunch and a movie with Mitchell. "WANTED" again. I told you I liked it. Discussed my anger issues and just talked a lot which I missed so much while he was gone. Bought trunks at Universal Gear. Went back to Cam & Scottie's to retrieve my bags, so they knew I was really leaving. Caught the 6:50 train back to Manassas Park and here I sit, angry with Dell about needing to verify information and not being able to do so until 10 am tomorrow. GRRRRR!

Some fantastic notes overall:

- I love my friends! All of you are amazing! Thank you!
- Arguments can be intense, I hope I didn't wreck anyone's dinner.
- Angelina Jolie is just pure sex.
- I've had Coldplay stuck in my head since hearing them around noon today.
- I am not sure if I am really a good person, but I think I may be.
- I don't like how I feel right now.
- I miss living near the city.
- I love how random hilarity follows my friends and me.
- Misspelling "loom" as "loon" adds a whole new layer of comedy.
- If I did anything completely asinine yesterday, please tell me and I apologize in advance.

"What the fuck have you done lately?"

The Supreme Court Decision on Handguns

Yesterday the Justices of the Supreme Court decided that I can legally carry a handgun in the District. Now I can feel safe while wondering the streets with my Luger. Now granted I am a bit jumpy and timid, so I wouldn't go surprising me anytime soon. Just a fair warning. As stated on

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Look, I love the Constitution, but it seems kind of tragic to allow people to shoot each other in the face over a question of grammar:

“The amendment’s prefatory clause announces a purpose, but does not limit or expand the scope of the second clause,” wrote Justice Scalia. “The operative clause’s text and history demonstrate that it connotes an individual right to keep and bear arms.”

I really do hate me some Scalia.

So, the Founders of this great nation were correct in the knowledge that we have the right as individuals to form Regulated militias, but then poorly structured the sentence carrying that information. That leads us to be able to possess guns with the proper paperwork whenever we feel the need to do so. Sometimes, I wish I lived in a time where people still had the right to think for themselves and were less confined by the exactness of grammar conditions.

Here, we are continuing to miss the point of our Founding Fathers on many issues. We have stopped thinking for ourselves and we justify the lack of thought with literal interpretations that we carry as shields. Thank goodness we have a three branched system to bog us down from really making a mess of things.

Is the District safer with legal handguns? I don't need to wait for statistics to tell me that more handguns mean more chance to use handguns which leads to more chances of death. All signs point to no, not so safe.

The choice now is put in the hands of the citizens to choose between buying a handgun and not buying one. Best of luck and don't be sneaking up on me.


Morning Ponderance

How well can you ever really know someone?

It seems to me that even after years of knowing people that they still can throw a curve ball at you from time to time. Also, as I get older my patience for getting to know what makes someone tick has grown shorter, making it harder for me to learn new things about individuals that I have recently met. I have stopped asking the questions that may seem like I am prying too deep into who they really are, with the exception of one individual.

Is this individual just the exception to a general rule? Or is it just that we both took the time to break down barriers and ask the questions that most just don't ask? (still possibly making our relationship an exception.) I find myself being hesitant with dealing with everyone else. Do I have something to hide? Not entirely, but if someone doesn't ask or make me at least feel compelled to disclose, I mostly keep my information to myself.

And after thinking about this, which relationship(s) are the healthiest? Probably the one or ones that I have trusted enough to give out whichever information is wanted. In all honesty, I don't think that I would have a problem in sharing anything with most of my close friends, I just don't think that either of us in most situations has progressed us that far. HMMMMM

Just a thought.

Surburban Life

It doesn't agree with me. I understand the necessity of it for me at this very moment; however, 2 months in and I am not happy about it. Granted I don't start classes for another 2 months but I get bored (there is only so much creating I can do) very easily out here. I don't have many friends out this way and none that I want to see daily (minus my roomie).

I need to be in walking distance of things or metro-accessible. I don't want to buy a car from both an economic and environmental stance and I am going to need to do so.

I dunno, I just needed a quick vent about that. Overall, I am well. I enjoy the times that I do get to spend with my friends, it is just fewer and further between than they once were.

Why am I addicted to this song?

Is it the reference to cheat codes?:

Up up down down left right left right B A start
Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart
I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else...but you

Or is it the cheesiness?

Or is it just that I liked the movie Juno?



Rives Revisted

In a conversation last night, Rives was brought back up for the first time in a few months and I couldn't quote "Kite." Shame on me. Anyway, today I noticed that I never blogged about this poetic genius and I think that is a great disservice to anyone that reads this blog. (People do still read this, right?)

So, the attached video is a performance of the poem "Kite." Please, watch and enjoy and check out the link above for more about this amazing person.

"Taylor" by Jack Johnson

a) I know I like me some acoustic driven music.

b) You have to appreciate Jack's guitar skills on the intro and outro

c) Not sure what I think of Ben Stiller in this video

d) This makes me think of the beach (which I miss)

e) Relax it's Sunday!



Things to accomplish by the end of the summer

1) Items to have in possession: A car, laptop & textbooks, all things needed for school purposes.

2) Take a short 2-3 day trip to the beach

3) Continue to workout/exercise daily to build the appropriate body for beach and volleyball type activities

4) Become more argumentative, increase ability to persuade and listen for persuasion points. Maintain arguments in the future tense.

5) Have fun damn it!

6) See 2-3 more concerts.

7) Find at least 5 more random events to fill my sundays.

8) "Live Free or Die!"... oh, wait only applies if and when I am in New Hampshire

9) Breathe! Life is easy, really! Communication is the key.

10) Get up to NYC for a few days.

So, yes I know, I am a list whore, but I think it helps and if anyone wants to do any of these things this summer, as in the activities--I think the words are--HOLLA AT CHA BOY!

Last note: I love the example on the link above on how to use "holla" of "Boy, it was absolutely magnificent to see you again. Holla at me this evening, we can have tea and crumpets."

"Least Complicated" by The Indigo Girls

1. Totally, can't wait to go see them in July.

2. My favorite from them would be "Power of Two" but I couldn't find a version of that that was good enough to embed over here & a friend posted that song a while back and I didn't want to repeat too much.

3. This is how most things are in life as well. The hardest to learn are always the least complicated.

Anyway, as always



The Weekend That Was & Check Your Facts

Exhausted!... Still. I spent the weekend feeding revelers liquid libations. My sleep some nights (mornings) was rather broken up. I still have a pattern on my back and I still managed to have a good time overall.

Working a country concert after 4 nights of Pride events, was not so good. I was a zombie and had no tolerance for the people. However, it is over and done with.

I don't have a "Notes From The Frozen Bar" this week. My bad, I will try to do better next week. There was enough going on that note taking took a back seat this week. Minus the note of there being no protein on the new drink menu. :-)

The good times of the weekend were:

~Seeing Charles & Charlie, even if one of them left his bags at Nellie's after getting tossed (oops)

~Getting a textured pattern on my back

~Joining Vida and getting a little acclimated to the place.

~Making money

~Watching "Enchanted" with someone that knows all the songs.

~Taking a 30 minute metro trip from Gallery Place/Chinatown to Shaw/Howard U. (yes...2 stops) Metro Opens Doors!

So, on to fact checking or how we won a trivia contest and have no good reason to have done so.

Last night (Monday), myself & my roommate went up to the City Tavern in Old Town Manassas to meet up with The Girls of Manassas whom I have not seen in at least a year and to participate in the trivia night. Apparently straight bars don't take their trivia as seriously as gay bars, which is kinda interesting. Well, ok, maybe it is just this rednecky type bar that does not. Anyway, I found it odd that somehow with missing a bunch of questions at the end of 4 rounds and going into the final round we had 480 points and were in first place by 60. I tried to do math that might make sense for us to have so many points and that didn't go so well in my mind.

And then there were the problems with questions:

1. Who has the most Super Bowl MVPs and how many? Answer given: Joe Montana with 4. Correct Answer: Joe Montana with 3, I had to point out to the host that Jerry Rice and Steve Young both won 1 MVP apiece and that San Francisco has won 5 Super Bowls not 6. Okay so, not a hugh problem just a number thing.

2. What was the role on NYPD Blue played by Jimmy Smits, David Caruso & Ricky Schroder? Answer given: Det. John Kelly. Correct Answer: They all played different detectives. Jimmy Smits was Det. Bobby Simone, David Caruso was Det. John Kelly and Rick Schroder was Det. Danny Sorenson. Apparently, someone never watched this show.

3. What is Tiger Woods' record in playoffs? Answer given: 15-2 Correct Answer: 15-2, good job on getting this one correct as it includes his worldwide totals and not just the PGA tally (11-1)...but, wait what was the host's explanation? "He is 15-2 in all PGA events and 11-1 in playoffs in majors." (oops!) I just about spit out my beer that I was drinking when I heard that. For those who don't know Tiger just won his 14th Major and no...12 of them have not gone to a playoff. Only two have, the 2000 PGA Championship and the 2008 U.S. Open.

There were other uncertainties over the course of the evening, but as a knowledgemonger nights like these drive me nuts.



This will be the first time in years that I will not be at the Pride Parade nor the Pride Street Fest. I have to be at Town on
Saturday at 7:30 PM and I have to be at Tim McGraw at Nissan Pavilion on Sunday. This is a huge shift from the past few years, especially considering I have hosted a party on the Friday the last 2 years and Have taken a group of 10+ to the Festival for as long as I can remember.

I don't know how I really feel about it either. I have been feeling a little bit of a disconnect from most of gay society, which I believe to be a positive thing. Let me be clear, I am not feeling a disconnect from my friends that are gay, but just the everyday DC gay that I don't have the time with which to deal. I guess, being gay to me has never been my one shining point, but rather just a characteristic. I am smart, witty, logical, strategic, competitive, compassionate and gay.

My point being (wait is there a point?) is I never made it a big deal, except during this one time of year. So, perhaps it isn't such a big deal. Perhaps, being disconnected is a good thing, allowing me to deal with the absolute ridiculousness that I see every weekend. Perhaps, I am just getting old.

Will this disconnect hurt me in the long run, making it harder to find a potential partner in life? Or will it make it easier, as I become more choosy with whom I associate?

I won't go into my dreams from last night, but they did make me go...hmmmm and huh and wow! Yes, that about sums them up. But, they got me to thinking about all of this and other things going on in my life and I realize that I am happy with the path that I am on, but impatient with getting everything rocking.

Edit: the next portion added Friday, June 13, 2008

I've decided to add a list of things that I have done and such of which I am proud this year

~ I have learned to trust again.

~ I have made more than my fair share of wonderful friends.

~ I have avoided making casual acquaintances outside of the bar; not wanting to drag things on with those that don't bring anything to me or I to them.

~ Getting myself together and going back to school (I haven't started yet, but I have registered for 16 credits)

~ Biting the bullet and moving out to Manassas to help better afford the Student lifestyle.

~ Working hard as a barback to become a bartender

~ Working with my friends to foster positive relationships between us.

~ Keeping my impatience more reigned in than I have in the past.

~ Not holding on to relationships that are only there because they are familiar.

~ Forgiving and asking for forgiveness.

~ Loving more, Smiling often, Living out loud

Green Porno

Green Porno

Ridiculous! Need I say more!

"Two Step" by Dave Matthews Band

So, there is a super long intro to this song. But, that is rather appropriate for DMB. I threw up the live version from Folsom Field, because most of their music should be heard live.

One of my all time favorite songs; the music & the lyrics are just SO Good!

Say, my love, I came to you
With best intentions
You laid down and gave to me just what
Im seeking
Love, you drive me to distraction

Hey my love do you believe that we
Might last a thousand years
Or more if not for this?
Our flesh and blood it ties
You and me right up
Tie me down

Celebrate we will
Because life is short but sweet for certain
Were climbing two by two
To be sure these days continue,
These things we cannot change

Hey, my love, you came to me like
Wine comes to this mouth
Grown tired of water all the time
You quench my heart and you
Quench my mind

Celebrate we will
Because life is short but sweet for certain
Were climbing two by two
To be sure these days continue,
The things we cannot

Celebrate, you and me, climbing
Two by two, to be sure
These days continue, things we cannot change

Oh, my love, I came to you
With best intentions
You laid down and gave to me just what
Im seeking

Celebrate we will
Because life is short but sweet for certain
Were climbing two by two
To be sure these days continue,
Things we cannot change...
Things we cannot change

Enjoy, while I dance around my living room :-)

"Say" by John Mayer

There is something to be said (heh) for repetition when trying to get a point across. I think Mr. Mayer does a wonderful job getting his point across in this song. Not only does it make for great panty-melting music, but it also is very sound advice.

Why hold back what you need to say? If you do, you may not "look foolish" but you will inevitably get the same result as you would have if someone rejected what you had to say, but without giving them even a chance to respond. Self creating your own rejection.

Some moments need to be handled differently than others; however, communication is always a vital part of any interaction or relationship. Of course, this is just my opinion and I have been known to be wrong.

Enjoy the music at any rate.


The Collective LLC dba The Borg

So Tuffie and I this weekend were having this ridiculously funny conversation. (disclaimer: my sense of humor may not be the same as yours, but I like to think if you read my blog you at least understand it.) In this conversation, The Borg are run like a corporation complete with an HR department, reviews, etc. So, anyhow, hear are some of the ideas discussed and also some stuff that snowballed through my mind after the initial discussion.

Dialogue #1:

Boss: So, Brian, your Assimilation totals for the last few months have been on the low side.
Brian: Well, sir I have been working on a few projects.
Boss: Brian, you are aware of our mission statement: "Resistance os Futile" and the role of Assimilation in this process.
Brian: But, sir, I have been a Borg drone all my life...
Boss: As you should know, we don't let people go here. We are instead going to limit your access to Sector 014.
Brian: Sector 014 are a bunch of morons, how am I supposed to get anything done.
Boss: For every 100 Assimilations you achieve this week we will give you access to an additional sector of the collective.

Dialogue #2:

Cantina Drone: You highness, I have working on a new assimilation tool
Borg Queen: Here in the cantina?
Cantina Drone: Yes, your majesty, I have been baking assimilation biscuits.
Borg Queen (chuckles): Assimilation Biscuits?
Cantina Drone: I bake them with flour, butter, sugar and nanoprobes.
Borg Queen: Why not just inject the species with the nanoprobes?
Cantina Drone: This is more subtle, my queen.

Sign outside of HR Department:

You are not an individual but a piece of a collective unit: The Delta Quadrants Greatest Team"

Public Address by Public Relations Director:

"We are merely looking to perfect life, what could be so wrong with that concept? You all complain about the loss of individuality. But, there is no "I" in team. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service ours. It will be a wonderful thing. Now, lower your weapons. Resistance is futile."

This line of comedy can go on for a long time...and I suspect that we will digress into it again sometime.

Hope you at least get a chuckle out of it.


Notes From The Frozen "Bar"

Friday, June 6, 2008

9:17pm- Me thinks the lights should be bright above the bar. Go-go Boy laying on bar top in trunks, bartender with sunglasses.

10:00- After looking at the full frozen drink tanks, I realize that they are not frozen. I would have failed thermodynamics had I been taking it, something about the relationship of volume to temperature change, whatever.

10:20- "So, yes pumpkin" -5th Monkee

10:24- Me: I banter better with my glasses off as well.
5M: They make you ugly and weigh you down.
Me: It is part of the Superhero Dictum.

10:51- "You totally Boodled me last night."

10:59- Easy E exits box office, does up belt, then blushes. I don't ask questions.

11:17- Girl #1: Do you want chocolates?
Me: Um...okay

11:44- Guy #1: What is the percentage alcohol by volume?
Me: Well, it is approx. 1.285 oz per 10 oz drrink, so at 80 proof on the alcohol, it is about 5.14%
Guy #1: Really?
Me: Really.

12:44am- Girl #2: OMG! do those have alcohol?
Me: Yes.
Girl #2: YAY! (runs off)

1:02- Little E: I'm here to relieve you.
Me (chuckles): I'm going to go relieve myself.

1:23- Girl skips past waving one arm above head as she goes.

1:27- Shags does the "Whooo's" to "Fine" by MJB

1:35- "We only got 8 minutes to save the world."

1:37- Popped collars???....Really?

2:06- Drunk guy gives me his credit cards (3 of them), safeway card, insurance card, etc. thinking he has checked his blue jacket (which he did not). and that these items were what he needed to display to get them back.

2:40- Girl face plants in front of bar.(as lights fade to black)

After looking at my notes I realize that a Part II is not possible to occupy it's own blog. So, I am adding it on here.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

9: 42pm: I am not getting the Cowboy soft core porn

10:30- I got nothing, minus the cowboy reference...yeah after an hour and a half of work...I have nothing still

10:32- Me: What does that mean (points to Kanji symbol in tattoo)
Guy #3: knowledge
Me: Really??
Guy #3: I think so

11:36- Cowboys...not as convincing as Go-Go Boys

11:55- Coworker #1: I am totally going to sport a crutch the next time I go out.
Me: Crutch is the new black

12:10am- Guy #4: People talk when I stuff it down my pants ( hands me pocket size item to check) and I am feeling manly enough tonight
me: Are you sure? (looks down)

140 to close- Can I go? Argh! Like I said not much going on this day.

"There's A Million Ways To Sing The Blues" by The Features

I first saw this band at the Black Cat in 2004 when they opened for Kings of Leon, whose song "Molly's Chamber" was used in a Jetta commercial. However, this is not about them this is about The Features.

They impressed me enough for em to go home and purchase their album. Rather fun! I think that is the correct description. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this tune as I have.


You look cute with your glasses off

Ok, how does one respond to that? I didn't really say anything. I thought about saying "Thank you:" Then, thought the implication of the comment was that I don't look cute with them on and perhaps that the speaker was shocked about finding me attractive now that I had pulled off the ultimate in Superhero changeovers. How did he recognize me? My disguise must be flawed.

I also, contemplated the appropriate answer could have been "You look cute with my glasses off, too." That would have played well into the gay snarkiness that surrounds us and maybe have played into my comic book alter-ego role with the bantering with super-villains necessity.

Or perhaps a simple "I'm not feeling you, douchebag" That may have worked but I digress. Speaking of I'm not feeling you...if you click that link or have done so already, you are whisked away to a wonderfully humorous site to which I was introduced to by Evil K. Definitely, worth the quick read!

I have an addiction to moleskins. Not this, but these and as many of you know I am a huge fan of carrying a notebook with me to capture the general absurdity that is my daily life.

Enough for now, but next time that you compliment someone go with something that doesn't back-end an insult.


It's a Blog About Nothing.

I must credit the 5th Monkee for the blog title. I have problems with thinking and rethinking and rethinking and get the point. I don't even know really what to write about, so the advice was to write about nothing. So, excuse the lack of flow.

I have watched about 3 and a half episodes of a show on TBS called "My Boys". Very funny and smart. Take a look and enjoy.

Figured out the name and artist for a song that I really enjoyed at Taint back in November. Yeah, slow learning curve on that one. Anyhow, the song is "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn & John. (See below)

Registered for classes earlier today...woot! Someone wantt to tudor me in Organic chemistry. Or at least volunteer to give me temple massages while I do my Homework? PUH-lease :-)

Ace of Cakes is fun!

I am having issues with feeling alone, but happens and I will cope.

I need to get up to NYC again soon. I love that city. While I am at it. I really would like to get some traveling in this year. Cedar Point in the fall. And I would like to either go back to Austin or Vegas. And visit the former roommate out in Phoenix.

I feel a great desire to go see Iron Man.

I am cooking stuffed Pork Loin tomorrow night....MMMMMM

I have to work the Frozen Bar both friday and saturday... there is most certainly going to be much to blog about on sunday.

Yeah...ok that will do for now.



Enjoy the Music

Notes From the Frozen "Bar"

Friday, May 30, 2008

A quick note about the frozen bar at town. It is located at the coat check area which is near the exit door and under the main stairs. Also, located to the right of the bar in clear view is an ATM.

~The strawberry pulp looks like red/black sewage before it is frozen.
~Is there supposed to be things floating in the strawberry?
~TEXT OF THE NIGHT: Do you know a lot about buying a car?
(I was a professional auto buyer for 3 years and the texter met me while I was doing this.)
~Me: Did you get your hair cut?
Evil K: I went to the beach, I think I grew into my skin color. and strawberry. That's what everyone else is doing, right? (at 9:45 pm)
~SHIRT OF THE NIGHT: "I'm not Mr. Right, but I'll fuck you until you meet him."
~Red, Please.
~I get to see all the dancers that are too good for the dance floor.
~Synchronized Skipping is SO GAY!
~Guy: Excuse me I got a receipt but no money from the ATM
Me (looking at the receipt): Perhaps if you put in the correct PIN, you will get your money.
~Guy #2: Where's the ATM Machine?
Me (noting both the redundancy and location of the ATM): Ummm...right there (points to my left)
~ Girl #1: Do you want frozen?
Girl #2 (Turning and walking away): NO!
~Guy #3: Frozen? Hells Yes!
Guy #3: Make mine extra refreshing.

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