New Year's Resolutions

So, never been a huge fan of making resolutions, but I do get in the habit of recapping my year in my head and then thinking about what I want to continue and what I need to change. So here are a few things:

Things Learned in 2008

1. How to successfully let people go.
2. How to love and trust.
3. How to give real hugs.
4. How to be myself around everyone.
5. How to know what things I can tolerate & those that I cannot.

Achievements 2008

1. Went back to school & got the A's that I require.
2. Managed to adjust to suburbia. (grudgingly still)
3. Had REAL conversations for the first time in a very long time.
4. Made some amazing new friends.
5. Realized who I am.

Things To Learn in 2009

1. How to let situations go.
2. How to deal with negative emotions.
3. How to always enjoy myself.
4. How to put myself out of a limb.
5. How to continue to love and trust.

Resolutions, Of a Sort

1. Make daily easy objectives. (ie. make someone laugh, give someone a hug who needs it)
2. Laugh when adversity kicks me in the bum.
3. Be the positive voice.
4. Express kindness as a default.
5. Be THAT Guy!

GOALS 2009

1. Graduate with my AS in Business Administration. (step 1)
2. Visit Daniel in Phoenix.
3. Spend a weekend in a cabin with friends. (planned!)
4. Eat something new to me & then declare it as a reason to be a vegetarian.
5. Sort the closet and get rid of stuff that hasn't been off a hanger in 1 year.
6. Play in a poker tournament in either Las Vegas or Atlantic City.
7. Start my BS program. (step 2)
8. Move closer to the city.
9. Run a 5K. (baby steps)
10. Do something completely out of character, take a pic & laugh about it for years.


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