Really, Bud?!?

Bud Selig says that A-Rod has shamed the game of baseball. Really? How is it possible that someone as an individual has shamed the game more than it already has been by admitting that he used "performance enhancers?" That makes no sense to me what-so-ever, with the shear number of players that took drugs during the 2001-2003 period, how could you possibly not expect A-Rod to do the same to remain competitive? That's just ridiculous! Who has shamed baseball? Mr. Selig shouldn't have to look far.

Bud, the mirror is calling and he thinks it is gut check time. The greed of the owners mirrors the greed of the players, perfectly. And you, sir, may be the worst of them. So, don't start pointing your fingers. Start questioning: Why there needed to be a problem before regular testing was done? Why did the league get so out of control before the issue was even addressed? Did you know that the "Honor System" only works so well?

Sir, put your finger away and start actually working to better the game. Maybe, start capping some salaries to start to gain league parody. I don't know do something other than getting your mug out there just to point your finger. SHAME ON YOU!


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