Chaconne by Johann Sebastian Bach as Performed by Nathan Milstein

I promised a classical piece this week for my musical blog after doing a tribute to LeRoi Moore last week in place of one for this week. For those of you that do not have an appreciation for this genre of music I suggest that you watch a friend of mine's "Video of the Week" from this past Saturday, featuring Benjamin Zander Actually, I encourage you to watch the video even if you do have the aforementioned appreciation.

Partita for Violin No. 2 by Johann Sebastian Bach is considered one of the most difficult pieces of music for a violinist to master. Attached you will find the Fifth Movement (The Ciaccona), which is an exhausting 13 to 15 minutes in length and dwarfs the prior four movements combined.

The version that I am presenting to you is performed by Nathan Milstein and is in 2 parts (It's a long piece). I hope you enjoy.



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