Yes! It has been a week!

Sorry, I have been lame...yet again. I did not even put out a music blog last week. Oops!

But now I am back and I wish I could locate the on-line version of the commercial for "The Most Relaxing Classical Album in the World...Ever!" The sinister way that the announcer says "...Ever!" on 5 different occasions is amazingly sinister and made me laugh over and over again.

Ironically, it did work to get me to remember the album name and to listen to some classical music last night. One of the pieces I am sure I will post about tomorrow (foreshadow). Also, tomorrow night on Project Runway, the designers will be designing costumes for drag queens & I am hosting a little gathering in Manassas at the Compound followed by some redneck karaoke, it should be tragically fun.

So, I hope there is some good posting from here on out. :-)



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