I Sit Here Thinking

What is it that drives people to the edge of reasoning? How can someone reach that point where they forget that they have so much going for them and begin to think that everything important is completely out of their hands? Do they not see the joy that they bring to other people or the quick impact of a smile?

I am not a person that forgets these things easily. I don't focus on the uncontrollable aspects of my life: the rainy days, the reactions that people have or the way that things just naturally run their course.

I tend to concentrate on the things that I can do that do make a difference: a kind word, a solid argument, a warm smile, a hug, a shared laugh and all the other positive interactions.

I bet if you look at the positive interactions that occur over the course of your average day you will find that they greatly outweigh the negative ones in volume. I would say that this is even true of your "bad days."

Babe we both had dry spells Hard times in bad lands
(Ritter, Josh "Good Man")

Keep that chin up and live life for yourself.

Those days that something bad happens, learn from it. When you make a mistake, learn from it. If your heart is broken, learn from it. These moments of hardship are the way that we live


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