What Do I Really Know, Anyway?

I am forgetting little things. I don't know if it is a condition of age or if it is just that I am utilizing memory space for different information. It is rather frustrating at times, but has not impaired my course work...yet.

There are some things that are bugging me to no end. I have no idea what path may be the correct one to choose in progressing forward from the state that these things are currently in. This is a major contributor to my lack of posts recently.

I miss having quality time with some of my friends, but am thankful for the quality time that has filled the void. I AM dealing with a mixed bag of feelings. Its like I just got a new puzzle with the following issues:

1) There is no picture on the box to guide the process.
2) There are pieces missing.
3) There are extra pieces that should not be there.
4) I have a time limit for completion.
5) My friends don't do puzzles.

So, here I am thinking examining the pieces, trying to find some commonality that links them together. Guided only by a strong reasoning mind & a unwavering heart on a mission to see some beautiful image pop amongst the conundrum of life's little pieces.

I hope everyone is well and I miss those of you I don't get to see nearly enough.



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