My Creative Juices...

are being used up elsewhere.

I have to write a "memoir" of 2 pages for my English class & I am having the damnedest time coming up with a time in my life that tells a compelling story that I can keep to the page limitations. I am having issues writing recently, which is part of why I have not blogged here in a while.

The other and more significant part of why I have not been blogging is that I think I may need to change the format of this blog and start a more intimate detail of my accounts elsewhere and anonymously. As an explanation: I like to write about many things and I have lately censored my writing as to not have an impact on people that read this blog and know of the players that are involved in a given circumstance.

So, for the sake of these people, I will not blog about these things on this blog anymore. However, for my own sake I will be keeping a journal that is more intimate than what I have been keeping and I am going to make it public, but not advertised as my blog. Why not just make it private?

I like to believe that there are times that I write about things that are helpful to other people. Either they take a lesson from it or just need to know that someone else is going thru the same things that they are. If I can help just one person with my writing without hurting anyone directly than I feel that making it public is value added. So, that would be the rationale.

Now, what should I do here? I look to some of you for advice. What do you like to read about? I plan on continuing with some music posts, some movie reviews and so forth. But, what have you liked about my blog? What have you not liked?

Sidenote: I don't think I will be interacting much with my readers on my new blog and if you are clever enough to find it, please do me a friendly favor and keep my identity private for the sake of everyone.

So, let me know what you are thinking? I want to have this revamp to start next week sometime.

Much love



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