So, I wanted to start a blog to inspire debate and friendly interactions on an intellectual level. The problem that came along was I have lost a certain creative flare for writing that I have always had. I have no idea where it went or why, just that writing feels forced now, whereas before it was just an easy flow from my mind to my fingers. Even now, it is taking a lot of thinking for me to have anything to add to this.

This is hard for me to deal with as this was always one of my easiest outlets for my thoughts and energy. Is it because I have someone that does debate ideas with me? Have I finally come to the conclusion of my original thoughts? I don't know if either or both are true, but perhaps in time I can gather some more insight and get past this lull.

Any ideas on how to get past this "block?" Anything that someone may have used in the past?


    I push through it.

    I'll pick items from the news, entertainment, or et cetera and add my distincitve thoughts to it until my "block" is gone and I can write without the training wheels.

    Or I just don't write at all ... until my *former* roommate yells at me for not writing.

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