1) I am incapable of lying to people, with the following exceptions. I can lie within the confines of a game, while I am working to garner more tips or while I am working to avoid your advances.

2) I can exhibit my emotions, but don't mistake that for weakness. I know the source of my emotions, I know how to keep them under control & I know how to set them aside when required by debate.

3) I never trust what a person flaunts. I have learned the more someone says that "A" is true about them the less likely it really is true about them. But, does that defeat my "Factoid #1"? I'll leave that for you to puzzle out.

4) I will not try to change a person. That is something that can only be done through time, experience or catastrophe. And I don't want to be the cause of the latter.

5) I have a low threshold for stupidity, cattiness, hatred, dishonesty, disloyalty & unnecessary provocation. People that exhibit these traits as a norm, really need to rethink how they are living.

6) I love music. I hate noise.

7) I sometimes have the patience of  a 2 year old. I just mask it well.

8) I don't like to make advanced plans (unless it is for a big trip or event), because I never know if it is what I really want to be doing at that time.

9) I think that good debate is needed and healthy. I can not be allowed to run amuck with my opinion unchallenged, because I will and I can be a complete boob while doing so.



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