Inappropriate Napping

I took a very inappropriate nap today from the hours 4 to about 9. Now, of course, I am wide awake and without a great outlet to channel my energy. I should have resisted the sleep need for a few more hours than I could have actually had a good night sleep. So, here I am and blogging for the first time in a bit.

Pending issues of where to live, where to school and where to work are still present. (Most recent update)

+Salisbury, MD: Went for an Eastern Shore visit this past Monday & Tuesday. I had a wonderful time with 3 very close friends at 2 separate intervals. I saw some fantastic artwork & ate a fantastic lasagna. Found a place to my liking, if I can get a roommate. School is not an issue. Being close to my family, however might be. They stress me out, even with a minor interaction. So, lots to think about and not enough time to analyze.

+Washington, DC: If staying here my school life becomes a bit more unpredictable; however, there may be less stress overall. I have applied for readmission to the University of Maryland, just in case. I have a job that I rather enjoy overall, even with its bits of drama. I have a few interviews this week for restaurant/bar work & one with a company that randomly came about on Saturday, when I was called by a recruiter to fill a Purchaser need that they have. We'll see, kind of intriguing because it is good money. It is also a Monday thru Friday and may allow me the possibility of affording to live here, while attending school. The flaw in that being my lack of desire to attend classes at night.

This week all of this needs to be finalized and a game plan set. I have 4 and 1/2 weeks to move & I have no place lined up, just general ideas.


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