Not Feeling like blogging

The weekend in bullet points

~ Friday night...a blur
~ Kings Dominion Gay Night had short lines, yay!
~ Lord Arthur Jack screaming on all rides at all times is greatly amusing.
~ Great group of guys as traveling companions.
~ Ride home was 6 Moes in a car singing "Poor Unfortunate Souls" & other such music.
~ I have been writing this blog for 476 years and I have NEVER...Been SO Insulted...In MY LIFE!
~ Going to Town when I got home was a good investment of time.
~ Bud Light Lime should come in bucket form at Nellie's *shakes fist*
~ Nellie's should also show the Colts games downstairs for my viewing pleasure.
~ Running into some people just drives me nuts.
~ Sunday night karaoke was an intimate gathering of friends
~ Gin & Tonic boy turns out to be really awesome and dealt well with our craziness.
~ Sleeping on a couch will never compete with sleeping in my own bed
~ Good conversation was had with a very good friend

So not much of a story but a synopsis somewhat

How are you, world?



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