Schooling and Such

Last week I started my classes. I am taking them all on-line and am very happy with my fast progress in my classes. It feels good to be an overachieving nerd again. I have learned that I have no desire to be an accountant, I could teach the first 2 chapters of Statistics and I think I wrote my business book. So, overall a very good feeling scholastically.

I have decided to again put a hold on alcohol consumption for many reasons, but I think it to be necessary mainly because I have become an Emotional Drunk and that just won't do. I like to be stable and in control of my emotions but recently I have been an absolute wreck after getting intoxicated. NO BUENO!

So, if you see me with a drink in hand anytime in the coming week, do me a favor and slap it out of my hand. NUFF SAID!

On to other fronts. I think I am going to force myself to survive with living in Manassas Park at least until May of next year, though I am sure that I will still have my crazy streaks, it has lent well to my studying needs. Then I will decide if I need to relocate to Fairfax, DC, or College Park based on scholastic desires.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend and that this week has gotten off to a good start.



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