"Phantom Limbs" by The Shins

My first introduction to The Shins happened when the movie Garden State came out on DVD and my ex and I rented it. The movie's screenplay is written by one of the star's of the film, Zach Braff. He happens to be responsible for the soundtrack as well. Alright, enough of the hyperlinks.

"New Slang" which so prominently plays a role in the film as the "song that will change your life" was my first exposure to this indie-rock group. I won't go as far as to say it changed my life, but it did give me a) an appreciation for a new band & b) invaded my thoughts for a bit during that time. I lied about the hyperlinks, here is one to that song. But, this is not about that song it is about a song from The Shin's third album, Wincing The Night Away (I really can't help myself). The song in question is well, duh, "Phantom Limbs" as sited in the title.

The video attached has a ridiculously well-produced "school play."

Description pulled from Wiki:

Songwriter and lead singer James Mercer described it as "a hypothetical, fictional account of a young, lesbian couple in high school dealing with the sh*tty [sic] small town they live in."[2]

One other The Shins note: They recorded a version of the song "Little Boxes" that is featured on the TV show Weeds Really just an excuse for me to add another hyperlink. :-)

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    death cab also does a "little boxes" for weeds.

    yes as well as Linkin Park, Regina Spektor, The Decemberists, Randy Newman, Billy Bob Thorton, Joan Biaz, etc.


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