The Way I See It #295

Can we laugh at cancer? Is it
Funny to loose your breasts? Am I
Crazy to have humor when I lose
my hair? Should I ignore the
giggles while receiving chemo?
What if I nudge someone and
sneak a smile, even though I
have no eyebrows? Is it
inappropriate? Don't be
offended, it beats waxing!

These are the words of Julie Wade, cancer survivor from Seattle, Washington. This made me think of my maternal grandmother, who lost her own battle with cancer in 2006. Her strength of character while she suffered and her will to live during a long battle were remarkable. She insisted on making future plans throughout the struggle, it gave her hope and a reason to live.

More people need to have that kind of gusto for life, without having to suffer first. People need to laugh at themselves more often. Situations will seem less bleak and the love that surrounds us daily will be much more noticeable. I am thankful everyday for the people that I have in my life and if you are reading this, that includes you.

The little trivialities of life should be recognized as just that. Stop and listen to the music. It is beautiful. "Life is short but sweet for certain."


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