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Yeah, this post is almost out of formality. I don't got much to say. All I did yesterday was right that damn paper that I mentioned previously and went to work. Got home at 6:30 am and went to bed. So, yeah...I will try to find something invigorating to write about tonight. So, tomorrow will be much better. Until then, perhaps this will hold you over:

This is the cast of "Spring Awakening" singing outside of the theatre during the strike in November 2007. Pretty cool!

Bye Bye Bye - Plants and Animals

So, I think I am going to go see this band on Sunday at DC9. Anyone, wanting to go, yes I know they are a bit folksy, but I quite enjoy them. The show is $10, just let me know. I am also planning on seeing Blitzen Trapper at the Black Cat on Monday($15), I have previously posted the song, Furr from them. Anyway, anyone wanting to go with, please let me know or I will just roll solo.

"Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon

I discovered Kings of Leon many moons ago with their First EP: Holy Roller Novacaine. I liked them enough back then that I went to the Black Cat and saw them perform. Strangely, that day I discovered another band that I became a tiny bit obsessed with called The Features. But this is not about them, this is about Kings of Leon. This group from Nashville, Tennessee is comprised of 3 brothers & a cousin, who together have a fantastic performance synergy. As much as I liked the original EP and the follow-up album: Youth & Young Manhood, their latest effort: Only by the Night shows maturity that they did not possess in 2003. This song is from this new album and is the first single released. It quickly hit #1 in the U.K., after its August 2008 release. It only reached #56 on some U.S. publications chart, which is insane. (Come on, get it together! *cough*Billboard*cough*) Anyway, without further ado, here is "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon:

Sex On Fire - Kings of Leon

The Cost of Love

"Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none."-William Shakespeare, "All's Well That Ends Well", Act 1 Scene 1

What could be easier than this concept? It is almost written in process. It seems to me that people are starting to put a price tag on love. The cost of their love is that you must do whatever it is that they believe that their love is worth. It also seems to me that they have forgotten a very central concept that as price goes up, demand goes down, all other things remaining the same. So, as they put a higher price tag on their love, the demand for that love starts to dwindle until no one wants their love and instead people will seek an alternative.

Now, I know from a practicality standpoint that demand will never reach zero, but it will grow so slim that they start becoming very self-defeating. So, the price of your love is growing, can I offer to buy some of it. No? Your love is not for sale. Interesting. Well, perhaps than your love should be free. Perhaps, all love should be free.

Expressing love as a default is very simple. All it takes is loving yourself and then loving those with which you interact. Be kind to people. Offer someone something that they need if you have the means to do so. Smile at someone when you talk to them. Hug those who you think need it. Being kind is 20 times easier than being mean and at least 10 times easier than being apathetic.

Now, that you are loving people, let's get down to trust. Trust few. This is hard to do sometimes when you are loving everyone and you may and probably will get burned for trusting the wrong people. But, don't stop loving that person because you can not trust them, just know where you must hold them. Those people that you do trust, start small and work your way into trusting them as time goes by. As they trust you more, you will trust them more, etc. Just be sure that you continue to love them enough to maintain that trust.

Lastly, I get to the concept of doing wrong to none. Very simple in theory, much harder in practice. Most people that have accomplished the first two, do well on most aspects of this. but, the hardest part is "Being loyal to the absent." This concept is the idea that people gossiping about someone who is not there to defend themselves is not fair. Think about it the next time you are with a group and they start talking about the missing member. Should not someone defend that person? The answer I would say is yes, if at all possible. Being silent, sometimes, can be just as bad as being the gossip.


Really, Bud?!?

Bud Selig says that A-Rod has shamed the game of baseball. Really? How is it possible that someone as an individual has shamed the game more than it already has been by admitting that he used "performance enhancers?" That makes no sense to me what-so-ever, with the shear number of players that took drugs during the 2001-2003 period, how could you possibly not expect A-Rod to do the same to remain competitive? That's just ridiculous! Who has shamed baseball? Mr. Selig shouldn't have to look far.

Bud, the mirror is calling and he thinks it is gut check time. The greed of the owners mirrors the greed of the players, perfectly. And you, sir, may be the worst of them. So, don't start pointing your fingers. Start questioning: Why there needed to be a problem before regular testing was done? Why did the league get so out of control before the issue was even addressed? Did you know that the "Honor System" only works so well?

Sir, put your finger away and start actually working to better the game. Maybe, start capping some salaries to start to gain league parody. I don't know do something other than getting your mug out there just to point your finger. SHAME ON YOU!

Why is it so necessary to spare a person's feelings?

It seems that most lies that I have encountered in my life were told by people who claimed that they didn't want to hurt someone's feelings. This situation I have never understood. I have found that the opposite ends up being quite true.

Take for instance a situation where someone is supposed to have a birthday dinner and has invited you to attend. The day of you text with them and they are giving you the run around about it saying that his friends aren't getting it together properly and that his mother has decided to cook for him and that is what he is going to do instead. Okay fine his friends must suck...but, wait you have met his friends and you know that they do not suck, quite opposite to that they seem to get things together pretty well. So, you start to not believe this situation and already formulate that you have been dis invited, because said person's ex is there and he doesn't want it to be uncomfortable, etc. But, you forgive that and just deal with it as it is. But, then a few weeks later you get conformation of this lie, because his friends being the great people they are put up pics of the event on facebook and you are now friends with them on this lie-catching network. (yes, this does happen)

Do you confront these situations? Do they make you question other times that this person has canceled on you? the answer to both questions for me is a resounding YES. If you do not confront the situation you fail to allow the relationship of any sort with this person from growing. a) Did they lie just because they were trying to make something more comfortable? b) Are they playing you? c) They need to know that you are rather good at detecting lies and that doing so is pointless d) Lying about anything to make someone feel better does not work with all people. e) Do you even want to progress further with this person?

I am in touch with my emotions and regardless of someone's intentions I am going to feel the way I feel do to my reactions on a situation. Further I have come to notice that the times that I have the hardest time dealing with my emotions is when I suspect the truth is not being told to me. So, stop trying to spare my feelings! Tell me the truth, I'm a big boy I can handle it.

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