The Post Hunt

I did the Post Hunt yesterday with 3 great friends and teammates. I was going to write a blog about it, but one of these teammates did such a fantastic job with his bulleted highlights that I instead will just post the link to his and say: Ditto!

The Diarist's Post Hunt Blog


My take has been asked for so here it is:

I was originally invited to this event by a member of my trivia team from JRs; however, after realizing that they had about 6-8 persons already I started asking others to come along. As it turns out I ended up with a 4-person team comprising of my roommate and the other two-thirds of my brain. And boy did we need the full brain today.

It rained at the beginning but Mother Nature was kind enough to make that a passing trend. The rest of the day was mostly dry. We got kicked off with getting the rest of the coordinates for the 5 puzzles.

The 5 Puzzles were entertaining and challenging, granted as stated before were sharing brain power today and we completed the 5 puzzles with about 2 hours before the final clue. So, we lunched. While eating, we did some puzzling and saw 2 different things and were on to one correct thing and one incorrect thing (courtesy of me...oops). Anyhow, we went into the final clue feeling good.

Then we overthought a clue and stood around and scratched our heads...and we will just say...didn't win. :-)

The day overall was awesome and I think this is the kind of entertainment that I need on Sundays after working the previous 2 nights.

Thnigs of note:

~ 3 Amazing Persons can make anything fun for me.

~ When doing something like this, you must pay attention to all information given to you.

~ I love being outside on a Sunday.

~ I need more time with these individuals.

~ Time spent outside of a club/bar counts x 2.

~ There are times that everyone need to be in a hurry and run, as such.

~ I have discerning taste :-)

~ A male ruminant is a BUCK!

~ I could easily fall victim to a conspiracy theory.

Thanks again for a great day :-)

Sidenote: Glenn's Art is awesome and hearing his descriptions on everything was nice.


    You won't get out of this that easily. I want to read your thoughts on this, not mine. Stop being lazy! ;-)

    i agree with D

    i want a real blog about this very fun day damn it

    500 words by tomorrow morning


    on it


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