Dear Hillary:

I am writing this as a concerned Democrat. I understand that you think that Floridians and Michiganders votes should count in the nominating process. And I agree that it sucks that they will not have their "voices" heard. However, while knowing that the state of Michigan was breaking DNC rules had your name put on the ballot anyway. And your opponent, Mr. Obama respecting the decision of the party did not.

These two states did "hose" their Democrats by breaking the rules. Very unfortunate. What is more unfortunate is the damage that you are causing by continuing this "fight." You are creating two scenarios that do not bode well for the Democratic Party candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Scenario 1: You win this nomination by the path that you are trying to create with your machete and torches. Thusly, leaving a large portion of the party feeling you "stole" the nomination and giving more fuel to the Republicans for use in the General Election. The Independents will view your "games" as sly and manipulative making a Presidential win unlikely.

Scenario 2: Obama wins the nomination, but because of your caustic crying and complaining the populous of Florida (a key battleground state) feels slighted. This leaves Obama the task of winning back Democrats as well as Independents in a state where a united party is crucial for a key win.

By sticking around and hanging on, the only thing being created is a negative vibe for our party that should still be on a high note from the victories of 2006. It is time to unite, once again and push forward to a new America. One filled with hope.

Lastly, in the words of Motley Crue:

"Girl, don't go away mad. Girl, just go away."



    everyone knows i'm a fan of The Hill

    but any good player in any game should know when to throw in and cash out

    sometimes that means taking a loss

    sometimes it means living today to fight tomorrow

    i love yah Hill, but it's time to focus on the bigger picture which is getting the Democrat party back in the White House

    who knows, if you get it within you to bow out some what gracefully you might still make the ticket




    you said machete and torches and i will love you forever for it


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