Notes From the Frozen "Bar"

Friday Night

~ Kiwis are Gamey
~ There are no "Happy Endings" here
~ 5th Monkee, likes his new nickname... forget about it!
~ Numbering tickets in Roman Numerals is funny for me, but not so funny for those having to read them.
~ Guy in scarf says "I don't think this fits here." Really?!?
~ We serve no Virgins here!
~ Girl: Do you have any cool drinks?
Me: What constitutes "cool"?
Girl: With Alcohol
Me: They are all "cool"
Girl: Oh, Okay.
~ "Oh My God! Are Those--Like--Slurpees?"
~ "Don't turn my jacket into a margarita."
~ Guy: Can I get an Absolut & Tonic?
Me: Yes, over there.
~ People who tip $4 on a checked item rock my world.
~ Chats with a Marine who specializes in Nuclear & Biotechnical Warfare are interesting.

Saturday Night...not at the Frozen Bar

~ Ordering 1 drink at a time will just piss off your bartender...get it all out and move on, it is kinda busy.
~ Doing the same thing while ordering 2 identical drinks that require shaking is grounds for drink being splashed in your face.
~ Doing Both of these and then asking if I got the extra amount, which happened to be $1 will cause the bartender to rudely dismiss you
~ All of these actions happening and you taking offense is not acceptable!
~ Guys who shamelessly flirt and then fail to tip are getting absolutely nowhere.
~ People who realize the skill that it takes to memorize 8+ drink orders, make them all at once and give them to the appropriate people also rock my world. Thanks!
~ Cleaning the frozen drink machines SUCKS! Sorry Barbara.
~ Lastly, it amuses me that people are super impressed when you remember what they are drinking when they return to your bar.

Overall, it was a good weekend. Hopefully the next few rock just as well. :-)

How was yours, world?



    Please tell me that Saturday night's 1-4 were all the same person. Because that would make me feel so much better about my Sunday night.

    Yeah, they are all the same person.

    Must have been a Class 8 Douche Bag Weekend.


    i love you

    you are a god among men

    and we should found a new country where we can bring about an age of wonder and enlightenment

    or we can just go out and get dinner with some drinks

    which ever is easier



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