Comcastic Service, not to be confused with Fantastic Service!

Comcast & Support are two words that do not remotely belong in the same sentence. Here is a list of how the installation process went:

1. Roommate calls Sales Rep about services and costs but is very non-commital about signing up with them. Wants to check into other options. (April 16th)

2. Installation Technician arrives at our apartment to set up service and no one is home. S/he leaves note. (April 18th) Notice the lack of us ever calling to set up installation. We call this "assuming the sale."

3. Call Verizon to inquire about FiOS, which is not available in our area. Ironically, available 1 mile in either direction on the main road near us. (April 18th)

3b. Roommate is in Las Vegas April 17-20

4. Decide that Comcast is our only option with real high-speed internet (so, I am a gamer, sue me) and that we will go with it until Verizon decides to get us the goods. (April 24th).

5. Roommate calls Sale Rep and gets her 3 minute (not kidding) voicemail message, that at the end she advises you to hit "#" in the future to skip message to go straight to her mailbox. (April 25th AM)

6. I call Sales Rep, listen to same super message and leave a voicemail. (April 28th AM)

7. Sales Rep calls me back and goes over digital services and other sales stuff and sets up installation for the next day, between 2-4. (April 28th PM)

8. I am home all day, painting and what-not. I call the Sales Rep at 4:15PM, roommate calls at 4:30, I call again at 5:00 & 6:00 PM to voice my displeasure with her not showing up nor calling. (April 29th)

9. Sales Rep calls Roommate and leaves 3 minute voicemail (Not kidding, again) apologizing for not getting out there for the appointment, gives excuse involving the military (because who can get mad at a woman who is making sure our Marines have cable), asks Roommate to apologize to me & tells us that she has hooked up the cable from the outside and that the box and modem are at the rental office. (April 30th 4:45 PM)

10. Rental Office closes. (April 30th 5:00 PM)

11. Roommate calls the Rental Office to have someone from the office drop off the modem and box to our apartment since neither of us will be able to pick it up until sometime in the middle of May. (May 1st)

12. Non-HD box and modem arrive in apartment (May 1st)

13. I call the Sales Rep and get the voicemail, quickly hit "#" and voice my displeasure with the service overall and the fact that she gave us the wrong box and wrong cables to hook up the box she left us.. (May 2nd 5:45 PM)

14. I have dinner at Coppi's before work...YUM! (May 2nd 6:00 PM)

15. Sales Rep calls me back and leaves me a 3 minute voicemail (No Shocker Here!) about how she didn't remember us talking about HD/DVR etc. and that the quick solution will be to go to the Comcast Office to exchange the box. (May 2nd 6:15 PM)

16. Hook up modem, using installation kit and it does not work. Surpirisingly, the Sales Rep has failed to give Comcast our MAC ID from our modem. (Today 9:00 AM)

So, needless to say, when Verizon gets us some good stuff, they will gain a new customer immediately.


    On May 6, 2008 at 2:33 PM Anonymous said...

    Dear Knowledgemonger,

    Oh my! First, let me apologize for your inconveniences. This is completely unacceptable. Second, please allow me the opportunity to make up for your terrible experience. I would be more than happy to forward your situation to my contacts in Executive Support in your area. If you would like my assistance, just email me at Don't forget to include your name, the service address, and the best number for us to reach you.

    Again, I apologize for the inconveniences we caused. Please know that I look forward to better serving you in the future.

    Kind Regards,
    Melissa M.
    Digital Media Outreach
    Comcast National Customer Operations

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