University of Maryland, Vapiano & Opening Beer Bottles

Yesterday, I got a letter from the University of Maryland stating "I am pleased to inform you that you have been readmitted to the University of Maryland." So, after moving further out I get this decision, which I was sure was going to be the way that everything panned out. Granted I reapplied on March 15th and just now got the letter, so I moved without knowing the options. Perhaps I will look at on-line classes for a year and then make a full decisiion.

I applied for a job at Vapiano (again, while living in Arlington). I interviewed last Wednesday and was offered the job in about 5 minutes. I am supposed to bartend their Happy Hour tonight from 5-9 PM, but I don't think that I want the job. I think that if I am going to travel into the city to work a gig, it should be a tad more lucrative (See also: my current one). If I am at the bar meeting tonight you know which way I went.

Saturday, I bartended the DC Cares party from 1-4 pm. In this 3 hour period I had to have opened over 30 cases of Sam, Sam Light and Sam Seasonal. My right forearm is now as large as my left one (joke intended). Good money and good people. Minus the idiot who later decided to pull some backyard wrestling type stunt and break 2 tables at Nellie's.

Good weekend overall...the rest of this week looks fairly busy. depending on if I am needed at town tomorrow or not. I will be working at town on Thursday (I know we are not open) & Friday Night, then Nissan Pavilion on Saturday (Kanye West) & Sunday (Radiohead). Sleep is scheduled for Monday.

The place is starting to come together (cringes at dining room area). And the G5 is still dead, I need to get to the Mac Store.


    Congrats!!!! To you and good to see things falling in place.

    omg, do you know who that fucktard was?

    i came on at Nellie's right after the dipshit tried to be James Bond meets Iron Man with our tables on the roof deck.

    was beyond annoyed with silly drunks by at point...but then had to bartend for the next 8 hours

    ain't life grand?


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