G5 down, Productivity up & Thwarted by Mormons

My G5 does not load past the Apple screen anymore, which means I can't use it currently. I have to take it to the Apple Store at Fair Oaks Mall to have them take a look at it, though I suspect that it is the hard drive since everything else seems to be firing up nicely. But, alas it isn't doing anything but spitting fire.

Which brings me to productivity. I have been super productive on the non-technical side. Painted my bathroom, put most of my bedroom away, washed dishes, worked out everyday, etc. Funny how much the computer seems to get in my way. I have found a way of getting on-line in the downtime...The Business Center

But, today, earlier that is...I was thwarted by Mormon Missionaries. I came by the BC to use the internet before working out. They were in here submitting some forms. I suspect it is people that they have looped into joining their cult. No big deal...I just went to work out instead. After an hour of working out, I came back by the BC...the bitches were still on here. GRRR!!!!

I went back home and bathed (I really need to buy a shower curtain). Got dressed for an interview and here I am blogging about such things.

But whatever...



    is so not a fan of organized religion

    i was taken into a pentecostal cult years ago





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