Lovely Days of Spring

Sooooo much to do and sooooo little desire to do it. I HATE PACKING!!! I would rather sell everything & have someone come pick it all up than move everything. *sigh*

It is gorgeous outside, but I am inside packing (READ: procrastinating packing and blogging instead). Today, reflects the return of my old friend, Hope (Someone wanna cue up Sen. Obama?). I am very optimistic about my future and the possibilities that lie ahead. I don't know exactly what I want to do with my future beyond finishing my BS in Bio. I have a few ideas, but I need to sort it all out at some future date.

Shifting gears, I am working this summer as a bartender at Nissan Pavilion in their VIP Club with my good friend/new roommate and a friend of ours once he gets back from his tour of duty. Should be a great time. I love sloshing drinks together for rednecks at country shows, it reminds me of home... In a nostalgic self-loathing kinda way. Speaking of which the second show of the season is Radiohead (I know you liked the segue). Anyhow, enough of this, time to pack a few more boxes and then chill outside before work.



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