Spreading the love

I just realized that a handful of my closest friends are not going to be an arms length away anymore. And I will be furthest from DC that I have lived in 4 years if I do move to Manassas *cringes at name*

But I have friends that this year will be in the following new/old locales:

Salisbury, MD
Phoenix, AZ
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Somewhereorothere, VT

I think it may be signs of an impending Apocalypses and I still haven't read The Left Behind Series, so I'm screwed. But, then the smarter words of a friend came through with a Hallmark type sentiment that might make you gag or cry. It really just depends on how you react to such things.

"nah, it's just the winds of change blowin' the good seeds to spread the love."-KH

I guess it is time for them to use their varying skills in other locations and to strive toward making the world a better place to live. As I believe it is time for me to get that piece of paper to hang on the wall.

It will be nice one day to have a conversation where I say: "You are crazy!" and instead of the usual response: "f*** you! There is nothing wrong with me flinging pooh at the other passengers on the train!" I will get this response: "Thank you doctor, Now write me the F***ing Prescription!"

Oh, how I can't wait for that transition. :-)


    it won't be so bad, there are always the weekends...hot air balloons, carrier pigeons...oh and this new fandangle thing called the in ter net that will help us all stay connected

    gotta thank Big Brother for that last one


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