Ramble, Ramble, Ramble

Good weekend at town, even with the multiple gropings, a full drink down my side and sweaty messes on the dance floor. I had a good time overall and the hot messes are always good for a laugh. So, also are my co-workers and the words that come out of our mouths...

"I have a hard time remembering that she is a man and not just a really pale black woman."
"If it ain't spit, it ain't love."

I have set up 4 interviews for this week, woot! None, of course, in the traditional 9-5 arena, but there will be time for that later in my life. I have also taken a job this summer working at Nissan Pavilion as a VIP server (though hopefully that will turn to bartender before we start), which I did for one show last year and made fantastic money and had a tremendous amount of fun (cutting myself aside).

I haven't been feeling 100% recently, as in toward the end of last night/this morning and today. I think it is mostly allergy related or perhaps that is more of a hope. I dunno. If I mention this again next week, someone make sure to remind me that I probably need to go to a doc about it.

Apartment searching... still soooo much trouble, at this rate I will be living out of a cardboard box on 6th & V, which is at least near a Starbucks. I have til April 30th to find a place (YIKES!)

This week needs to be intense, me thinks. Hopefully, I can come out of it with another job and an apartment. And perhaps with a slightly more interesting blog.


    if your down to the grind i have some great real estate agent friends who might be able to help you find a place.

    lets me know.

    Mmmmm you said grouping...and yes it was a hot sweaty mess


    Nice shout out! I am a funny person....I should talk more.

    I don't know that I would go that far...



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