Something new...(short one here)

I have a new place to live. So, I won't be homeless, yet. Granted it is out in Manassas: The Park. So, anyone who has room for a "sleeping me" on the Friday nights that I am at town, I will be forever in your debt.

So to the Checklist:

1) A place to live...*check*

2) A job for the weekdays... still doing interviews, keep your fingers crossed

3) A place to take classes...*check* Starting Fall '08

4) A man to consistently cuddle... *shrug* nothing in the works, but a boy can dream :-)

Hope all is going well in the world for the rest of you and I will post some pics of the place once everything gets moved in, set up, etc.

much love,



    what's your address so i can send you a body pillow and we can play pirates via webcams


    Ha Ha Ha! Very nice and I like a good joke resurfacing after laying dormant for a few weeks.

    Thanks for that!


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