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I might do the unthinkable and the very wise...I may be moving to Manassas to be closer to school and to save some money on rent (think in the neighborhood of $400-500/month) & probably on food as well since I will be taking on the role of general nutritionist and not eating out or drinking so often.

It makes me happy, but there is great sacrifice as well. I don't like being this far from DC and my friends that are there. I also, don't want to think about the drive home after working at town Fridays (worse) & Saturday (bad). Though I really like the apartment that we viewed and it would be with someone that could use being moved herself & is mutually agreeable. But, we will see. I do have an apartment to view near U Street Metro this week as well.

I may need someone's cough every once in a while if I do move out here and if any of my friends are willing to have me. Love my town brothers *bats eyes*

Anyway, just a quick update from suburbia.


    I'm not really sure if you want someone's cough, especially if they're done with it.

    i'll leave a real comment when i'm not dying from the inside out

    suburbia sucks monkey ass FYI


    Very good point getting someone's cough would not be good. So, perhaps somewhere suitable to sleep, instead.

    You always have a place to crash here.

    For shame for thinking otherwise.

    Thank you good sir :-) The drive over there sometimes is not going to be fun

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