The Job Hunt, The Apartment Search & The Single Man

So, this week I have finally decided to get serious about finding a M-F job, that will keep me sane and allow me to live at the level that I had been accustomed to living. Well, minus some of the extras that I really don't need. I have shot my résumé out to several companies with some smart cover-letters (for instance: "Dear Hiring Manager:   I get it!   Best regards,") and now I play the waiting game. Granted the above mentioned cover-letter resulted in me getting a call the next day to interview next week. Look at the good I do.

Searching for an apartment with a deadline of 26 days is kinda ominous. I want to find the right value for my money and I need to know if I am moving with someone or if there will be continued dragging of feet that will result in me taking swift actions to secure my own place. I would like to move into the District & work all my jobs semi-nearby to where I live. I'm such a dreamer. :-)

Seriously though, I am ever so slightly stressed out about all of this and I need to begin packing. I need to know if my best friend is going to move in with me or not. I need to know of any good places to live. And I really just need to get all of this in place, so I can look forward to taking classes in the fall & maybe pretend to have something resembling a dating life.

I did determine that I am a shallow douche bag, well only slightly but I use mean words when referring to myself sometimes. The reason for this douche bagginess? I cannot date someone that is overweight. I just can't. I have tried. But, I honestly can not find them attractive. That being said...I am no model of physical perfection (laughs at self), in fact I am pretty far off from that. 

I need a GOOD gym buddy. Someone who will call and say hey lets go workout. I don't need them to hold my hand while we are there, but I don't particularly like working out alone. I will and have and do, but it doesn't motivate me to strive farther. So, I am weak! I want to play volleyball and be seriously competitive for the first time since I was 20.

So, I got slightly off topic. It's my blog...I can do that.

More to the point on the single life. I am very picky about guys that I consider dateable. You have to be kind, on a similar intellectual level as me, challenge my opinions (intelligently), not unattractive (on the J-Scale of hotness you must be at least a 4, negative numbers are good as well), confident (not arrogant) & you must LAUGH.

Ramble on...


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