Ben Folds 5 minus 4 plus 2

Last night my roommate and I went to see Ben Folds at Wolf Trap.

Firstly, let me just say I LOVE Wolf Trap. I like that it is a smaller venue. I like that they have been recycling for years. I really like that I can bring my own food and beverages (wine and beer last night) and consume it on the lawn. The staff there is amazingly friendly. Sign interpreter for every show. This is how a venue should run.

The opening act was Julia Nunes. She started her portion of the show playing the ukulele , later progressing to the guitar. She played a few original songs as well as some covers, including "Bye Bye Bye" She was fun, quirky and engaging.

Ben Folds gets on stage, plays some songs then decides that he loves playing this venue, because he gets to the learn the signs for words like fuck. He then improvs a song that starts with "Fuck, fuck, fuck...., fuck" while he watches the girl signing. Then transitions to "shit, shit, shit, shit..., shit" while doing the same thing. Then he says this is where it gets a bit harder and he incorporates the words "endoplasmic reticulum" and "spinal bifida" into the song. Very funny reactions from the girl and the crowd.

Later he gets the crowd to do a three part harmony for a part of a song. At the conclusion of this song, he then spends time conducting portions of the audience.

Very good music all night long. Extremely entertaining. A great time was had.


American Boy - Estelle (featuring Kayne West)

I LOVE this song. From the cadence of her voice to the elctro-pop riff in the chorus. And there is Kayne...I just heart this song.

Good times!


Dear Hillary:

I am writing this as a concerned Democrat. I understand that you think that Floridians and Michiganders votes should count in the nominating process. And I agree that it sucks that they will not have their "voices" heard. However, while knowing that the state of Michigan was breaking DNC rules had your name put on the ballot anyway. And your opponent, Mr. Obama respecting the decision of the party did not.

These two states did "hose" their Democrats by breaking the rules. Very unfortunate. What is more unfortunate is the damage that you are causing by continuing this "fight." You are creating two scenarios that do not bode well for the Democratic Party candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Scenario 1: You win this nomination by the path that you are trying to create with your machete and torches. Thusly, leaving a large portion of the party feeling you "stole" the nomination and giving more fuel to the Republicans for use in the General Election. The Independents will view your "games" as sly and manipulative making a Presidential win unlikely.

Scenario 2: Obama wins the nomination, but because of your caustic crying and complaining the populous of Florida (a key battleground state) feels slighted. This leaves Obama the task of winning back Democrats as well as Independents in a state where a united party is crucial for a key win.

By sticking around and hanging on, the only thing being created is a negative vibe for our party that should still be on a high note from the victories of 2006. It is time to unite, once again and push forward to a new America. One filled with hope.

Lastly, in the words of Motley Crue:

"Girl, don't go away mad. Girl, just go away."


Notes From the Frozen "Bar"

Friday Night

~ Kiwis are Gamey
~ There are no "Happy Endings" here
~ 5th Monkee, likes his new nickname... forget about it!
~ Numbering tickets in Roman Numerals is funny for me, but not so funny for those having to read them.
~ Guy in scarf says "I don't think this fits here." Really?!?
~ We serve no Virgins here!
~ Girl: Do you have any cool drinks?
Me: What constitutes "cool"?
Girl: With Alcohol
Me: They are all "cool"
Girl: Oh, Okay.
~ "Oh My God! Are Those--Like--Slurpees?"
~ "Don't turn my jacket into a margarita."
~ Guy: Can I get an Absolut & Tonic?
Me: Yes, over there.
~ People who tip $4 on a checked item rock my world.
~ Chats with a Marine who specializes in Nuclear & Biotechnical Warfare are interesting.

Saturday Night...not at the Frozen Bar

~ Ordering 1 drink at a time will just piss off your bartender...get it all out and move on, it is kinda busy.
~ Doing the same thing while ordering 2 identical drinks that require shaking is grounds for drink being splashed in your face.
~ Doing Both of these and then asking if I got the extra amount, which happened to be $1 will cause the bartender to rudely dismiss you
~ All of these actions happening and you taking offense is not acceptable!
~ Guys who shamelessly flirt and then fail to tip are getting absolutely nowhere.
~ People who realize the skill that it takes to memorize 8+ drink orders, make them all at once and give them to the appropriate people also rock my world. Thanks!
~ Cleaning the frozen drink machines SUCKS! Sorry Barbara.
~ Lastly, it amuses me that people are super impressed when you remember what they are drinking when they return to your bar.

Overall, it was a good weekend. Hopefully the next few rock just as well. :-)

How was yours, world?


The Post Hunt

I did the Post Hunt yesterday with 3 great friends and teammates. I was going to write a blog about it, but one of these teammates did such a fantastic job with his bulleted highlights that I instead will just post the link to his and say: Ditto!

The Diarist's Post Hunt Blog


My take has been asked for so here it is:

I was originally invited to this event by a member of my trivia team from JRs; however, after realizing that they had about 6-8 persons already I started asking others to come along. As it turns out I ended up with a 4-person team comprising of my roommate and the other two-thirds of my brain. And boy did we need the full brain today.

It rained at the beginning but Mother Nature was kind enough to make that a passing trend. The rest of the day was mostly dry. We got kicked off with getting the rest of the coordinates for the 5 puzzles.

The 5 Puzzles were entertaining and challenging, granted as stated before were sharing brain power today and we completed the 5 puzzles with about 2 hours before the final clue. So, we lunched. While eating, we did some puzzling and saw 2 different things and were on to one correct thing and one incorrect thing (courtesy of me...oops). Anyhow, we went into the final clue feeling good.

Then we overthought a clue and stood around and scratched our heads...and we will just say...didn't win. :-)

The day overall was awesome and I think this is the kind of entertainment that I need on Sundays after working the previous 2 nights.

Thnigs of note:

~ 3 Amazing Persons can make anything fun for me.

~ When doing something like this, you must pay attention to all information given to you.

~ I love being outside on a Sunday.

~ I need more time with these individuals.

~ Time spent outside of a club/bar counts x 2.

~ There are times that everyone need to be in a hurry and run, as such.

~ I have discerning taste :-)

~ A male ruminant is a BUCK!

~ I could easily fall victim to a conspiracy theory.

Thanks again for a great day :-)

Sidenote: Glenn's Art is awesome and hearing his descriptions on everything was nice.

What Would It Take *EXPLICIT*

So this is an e-mail that I received from someone that I do not know via myspace. I feel bad to a degree about posting it, but I also think that if you are going to open yourself up like this to a stranger whatever comes to you is fair.

Here it is:

I respectfully inquire... if you would ever have an interest in having a very submissive slave bottom at your feet begging to please you.... worship you and serve you in any way you demand?

i'm searching for a young Master just like you to completely dominate and have control of me physically and psychologically. to be at your mercy, collared as your slave. i'm smooth, fit, white and extremely submissive seeking to serve and be used, abused, humiliated, degraded by a very young, dominant, aggressive, commanding, forceful, Alpha male top who likes to get his way. Your needs will always be the priority.... i am a good cock sucker with a nice round smooth fuckable ass, uninhibited and open for most anything... mild to wild, lick your feet, suck your cock, eat your ass, then ram your big dick in my nice smooth round tight hole pounding and pummeling as long, hard and rough as you want. willingness to explore nearly any scene, fantasy, kink, fetish, some experience and into roleplay, bondage, lite sm and pain, spanking, discipline, humiliation, ws, ff, toys, tag teamed, groups, gang banged, spit on, verbal abuse, licking feet/ass/chest/pits/total worship, ect and looking for more intense, more twisted realms of play and really get off on the power exchange

i in no way intend this to be an insult to you if you are unwilling or uncomfortable to have a slave for your sexual pleasure but from your my space page you're exactly the type of Master i'm looking to submit. How and what would it take to prove to you my value and worth and be allowed to serve you if only just one time? my door will be left unlocked, you walk in, i'll be naked, collared, and do whatever you require...

with humble reverence to you,

<*Name was here*

i'm extremely obedient, loyal, submissive and will submit as if you are a prince.
good cock sucker with a nice round smooth fuckable ass, uninhibited and open for most anything... mild to wild, clean cut, executive, own a business,financially stable, white, smooth, in-shape, fit, 38, about 180 lbs, white, 5'10,blue eyes, strawberry blonde, cock is 7. 5 cut. , healthy, clean, private and completely

if you don't mind... please respond to me by email or aim....

I am not sure what it is about my myspace profile that made him think that I was a good match for this. Is this really how you are supposed to go about finding someone into your niche of the sexual world? I know I typically say hello first.


University of Maryland, Vapiano & Opening Beer Bottles

Yesterday, I got a letter from the University of Maryland stating "I am pleased to inform you that you have been readmitted to the University of Maryland." So, after moving further out I get this decision, which I was sure was going to be the way that everything panned out. Granted I reapplied on March 15th and just now got the letter, so I moved without knowing the options. Perhaps I will look at on-line classes for a year and then make a full decisiion.

I applied for a job at Vapiano (again, while living in Arlington). I interviewed last Wednesday and was offered the job in about 5 minutes. I am supposed to bartend their Happy Hour tonight from 5-9 PM, but I don't think that I want the job. I think that if I am going to travel into the city to work a gig, it should be a tad more lucrative (See also: my current one). If I am at the bar meeting tonight you know which way I went.

Saturday, I bartended the DC Cares party from 1-4 pm. In this 3 hour period I had to have opened over 30 cases of Sam, Sam Light and Sam Seasonal. My right forearm is now as large as my left one (joke intended). Good money and good people. Minus the idiot who later decided to pull some backyard wrestling type stunt and break 2 tables at Nellie's.

Good weekend overall...the rest of this week looks fairly busy. depending on if I am needed at town tomorrow or not. I will be working at town on Thursday (I know we are not open) & Friday Night, then Nissan Pavilion on Saturday (Kanye West) & Sunday (Radiohead). Sleep is scheduled for Monday.

The place is starting to come together (cringes at dining room area). And the G5 is still dead, I need to get to the Mac Store.
Comcast & Support are two words that do not remotely belong in the same sentence. Here is a list of how the installation process went:

1. Roommate calls Sales Rep about services and costs but is very non-commital about signing up with them. Wants to check into other options. (April 16th)

2. Installation Technician arrives at our apartment to set up service and no one is home. S/he leaves note. (April 18th) Notice the lack of us ever calling to set up installation. We call this "assuming the sale."

3. Call Verizon to inquire about FiOS, which is not available in our area. Ironically, available 1 mile in either direction on the main road near us. (April 18th)

3b. Roommate is in Las Vegas April 17-20

4. Decide that Comcast is our only option with real high-speed internet (so, I am a gamer, sue me) and that we will go with it until Verizon decides to get us the goods. (April 24th).

5. Roommate calls Sale Rep and gets her 3 minute (not kidding) voicemail message, that at the end she advises you to hit "#" in the future to skip message to go straight to her mailbox. (April 25th AM)

6. I call Sales Rep, listen to same super message and leave a voicemail. (April 28th AM)

7. Sales Rep calls me back and goes over digital services and other sales stuff and sets up installation for the next day, between 2-4. (April 28th PM)

8. I am home all day, painting and what-not. I call the Sales Rep at 4:15PM, roommate calls at 4:30, I call again at 5:00 & 6:00 PM to voice my displeasure with her not showing up nor calling. (April 29th)

9. Sales Rep calls Roommate and leaves 3 minute voicemail (Not kidding, again) apologizing for not getting out there for the appointment, gives excuse involving the military (because who can get mad at a woman who is making sure our Marines have cable), asks Roommate to apologize to me & tells us that she has hooked up the cable from the outside and that the box and modem are at the rental office. (April 30th 4:45 PM)

10. Rental Office closes. (April 30th 5:00 PM)

11. Roommate calls the Rental Office to have someone from the office drop off the modem and box to our apartment since neither of us will be able to pick it up until sometime in the middle of May. (May 1st)

12. Non-HD box and modem arrive in apartment (May 1st)

13. I call the Sales Rep and get the voicemail, quickly hit "#" and voice my displeasure with the service overall and the fact that she gave us the wrong box and wrong cables to hook up the box she left us.. (May 2nd 5:45 PM)

14. I have dinner at Coppi's before work...YUM! (May 2nd 6:00 PM)

15. Sales Rep calls me back and leaves me a 3 minute voicemail (No Shocker Here!) about how she didn't remember us talking about HD/DVR etc. and that the quick solution will be to go to the Comcast Office to exchange the box. (May 2nd 6:15 PM)

16. Hook up modem, using installation kit and it does not work. Surpirisingly, the Sales Rep has failed to give Comcast our MAC ID from our modem. (Today 9:00 AM)

So, needless to say, when Verizon gets us some good stuff, they will gain a new customer immediately.

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