"Say" by John Mayer

There is something to be said (heh) for repetition when trying to get a point across. I think Mr. Mayer does a wonderful job getting his point across in this song. Not only does it make for great panty-melting music, but it also is very sound advice.

Why hold back what you need to say? If you do, you may not "look foolish" but you will inevitably get the same result as you would have if someone rejected what you had to say, but without giving them even a chance to respond. Self creating your own rejection.

Some moments need to be handled differently than others; however, communication is always a vital part of any interaction or relationship. Of course, this is just my opinion and I have been known to be wrong.

Enjoy the music at any rate.



    my problem has always been saying too much too fast

    never taking the time to relax

    to stop thinking about it

    to give my conscience and subconsciencious mind time to process each in their own respective rights

    but i'm trying to be better, but couldn't agree with you more

    i'd prefer those that love me love me enough to say the things that both make me feel amazing and hurt me should i need to hear them


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