Things to accomplish by the end of the summer

1) Items to have in possession: A car, laptop & textbooks, all things needed for school purposes.

2) Take a short 2-3 day trip to the beach

3) Continue to workout/exercise daily to build the appropriate body for beach and volleyball type activities

4) Become more argumentative, increase ability to persuade and listen for persuasion points. Maintain arguments in the future tense.

5) Have fun damn it!

6) See 2-3 more concerts.

7) Find at least 5 more random events to fill my sundays.

8) "Live Free or Die!"... oh, wait only applies if and when I am in New Hampshire

9) Breathe! Life is easy, really! Communication is the key.

10) Get up to NYC for a few days.

So, yes I know, I am a list whore, but I think it helps and if anyone wants to do any of these things this summer, as in the activities--I think the words are--HOLLA AT CHA BOY!

Last note: I love the example on the link above on how to use "holla" of "Boy, it was absolutely magnificent to see you again. Holla at me this evening, we can have tea and crumpets."


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