You look cute with your glasses off

Ok, how does one respond to that? I didn't really say anything. I thought about saying "Thank you:" Then, thought the implication of the comment was that I don't look cute with them on and perhaps that the speaker was shocked about finding me attractive now that I had pulled off the ultimate in Superhero changeovers. How did he recognize me? My disguise must be flawed.

I also, contemplated the appropriate answer could have been "You look cute with my glasses off, too." That would have played well into the gay snarkiness that surrounds us and maybe have played into my comic book alter-ego role with the bantering with super-villains necessity.

Or perhaps a simple "I'm not feeling you, douchebag" That may have worked but I digress. Speaking of I'm not feeling you...if you click that link or have done so already, you are whisked away to a wonderfully humorous site to which I was introduced to by Evil K. Definitely, worth the quick read!

I have an addiction to moleskins. Not this, but these and as many of you know I am a huge fan of carrying a notebook with me to capture the general absurdity that is my daily life.

Enough for now, but next time that you compliment someone go with something that doesn't back-end an insult.



    First, always use snark when given the opportunity! Haven't I taught you anything?! *sigh*

    Second, after reading "moleskins" and before clicking the links, I thought maybe you had discovered some weird new fetish for skin disorders.

    Third, I do look better with your glasses off.

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