The Weekend That Was

It has been a long, fun weekend and such and now let me take you back to view the happenings.

Firstly, I must give a shout out of gratitude to Cam & Scottie for putting up with me for 3 nights in a row. Words alone can't express how wonderful you have been to me. Thank you so much!

Friday: Started at the gym at 4 pm. Helped a co-worker set up a facebook page at 5:30. Helped the roommate set up the Frozen Bar at 7. Went to Nellie's around 8:45, for Este's B-day, back to Town to work the main bar at 9:30. It was kinda dead (thank you NYC Pride) Overall, not a terrible night, I enjoyed seeing the trivia team out and about, etc.

Saturday: Woke up around 10:30 am, I think. Went to get a can of coffee at the store across the street from Cam & Scottie's place. Unfortunately, they were out of coffee, so began an LOTR journey, ending at a Starbuck's. I returned triumphantly with a bag of Guatemalan coffee, go me. Then, there was "WANTED". Very good movie! So much eye candy! Highly recommend this action movie! After the movie there was a trip to Best Buy, setting up of a PS3 & dinner at Thai Chef. Then, off to work at 7:30 pm. Frozen Wallet Killa. There was comedy in the form of..."Let's go get pancakes. Now."

Sunday: No clue when I woke up. it felt early still. Cam & I went to Francis' to swim and grill out after a quick stop at Whole Foods for some tasty treats to put on said grill.

-Some Notes about me and the pool: I am comfortable enough to where square cut swim trunks, I was not the palest person at the pool remarkably & is tasty.

After the swimming we went back to Cam's, the 3 of us plus Francis' roommate and Brian to drink and play the Wii. Dinner at Lorial Plaza. Then Cobalt for karaoke.

-Some notes about Cobalt: I will no longer sing after drinking more than 3 drinks (my apologies all), I should never start taking shots of warm Patron, I don't remember leaving (so, I probably did not say goodbye), I was beyond trashed (sorry, sorry, sorry)

I don't remember anything beyond singing at Cobalt, climbing into bed, climbing out of bed, getting sick, back to bed, repeat sickness, clean up, shower, bed. Passed out! Didn't stir once in the night.

Monday: Yes, not technically the weekend but whatever. Watched a portion of "The Last Kiss." Did lunch and a movie with Mitchell. "WANTED" again. I told you I liked it. Discussed my anger issues and just talked a lot which I missed so much while he was gone. Bought trunks at Universal Gear. Went back to Cam & Scottie's to retrieve my bags, so they knew I was really leaving. Caught the 6:50 train back to Manassas Park and here I sit, angry with Dell about needing to verify information and not being able to do so until 10 am tomorrow. GRRRRR!

Some fantastic notes overall:

- I love my friends! All of you are amazing! Thank you!
- Arguments can be intense, I hope I didn't wreck anyone's dinner.
- Angelina Jolie is just pure sex.
- I've had Coldplay stuck in my head since hearing them around noon today.
- I am not sure if I am really a good person, but I think I may be.
- I don't like how I feel right now.
- I miss living near the city.
- I love how random hilarity follows my friends and me.
- Misspelling "loom" as "loon" adds a whole new layer of comedy.
- If I did anything completely asinine yesterday, please tell me and I apologize in advance.

"What the fuck have you done lately?"


    ha ha ha

    no worries about staying over, you know you're always welcome.

    i had a great time hanging out this weekend too, hella memories that will last a lifetime were created, and that's all i've ever wanted out of my choice circles of good friends

    so kudos you!


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