It's a Blog About Nothing.

I must credit the 5th Monkee for the blog title. I have problems with thinking and rethinking and rethinking and get the point. I don't even know really what to write about, so the advice was to write about nothing. So, excuse the lack of flow.

I have watched about 3 and a half episodes of a show on TBS called "My Boys". Very funny and smart. Take a look and enjoy.

Figured out the name and artist for a song that I really enjoyed at Taint back in November. Yeah, slow learning curve on that one. Anyhow, the song is "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn & John. (See below)

Registered for classes earlier today...woot! Someone wantt to tudor me in Organic chemistry. Or at least volunteer to give me temple massages while I do my Homework? PUH-lease :-)

Ace of Cakes is fun!

I am having issues with feeling alone, but happens and I will cope.

I need to get up to NYC again soon. I love that city. While I am at it. I really would like to get some traveling in this year. Cedar Point in the fall. And I would like to either go back to Austin or Vegas. And visit the former roommate out in Phoenix.

I feel a great desire to go see Iron Man.

I am cooking stuffed Pork Loin tomorrow night....MMMMMM

I have to work the Frozen Bar both friday and saturday... there is most certainly going to be much to blog about on sunday.

Yeah...ok that will do for now.



Enjoy the Music


    Yeah. We have to make another long "Mario weekend" trip again soon-ish.

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