Morning Ponderance

How well can you ever really know someone?

It seems to me that even after years of knowing people that they still can throw a curve ball at you from time to time. Also, as I get older my patience for getting to know what makes someone tick has grown shorter, making it harder for me to learn new things about individuals that I have recently met. I have stopped asking the questions that may seem like I am prying too deep into who they really are, with the exception of one individual.

Is this individual just the exception to a general rule? Or is it just that we both took the time to break down barriers and ask the questions that most just don't ask? (still possibly making our relationship an exception.) I find myself being hesitant with dealing with everyone else. Do I have something to hide? Not entirely, but if someone doesn't ask or make me at least feel compelled to disclose, I mostly keep my information to myself.

And after thinking about this, which relationship(s) are the healthiest? Probably the one or ones that I have trusted enough to give out whichever information is wanted. In all honesty, I don't think that I would have a problem in sharing anything with most of my close friends, I just don't think that either of us in most situations has progressed us that far. HMMMMM

Just a thought.


    i'm an open book, or try my best to be

    its both burned me at times and been a blessing

    but for the most part, i think honesty and open communication per any relationship is always the best policy.


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