Another Long Weekend Comes to a Close

I worked 4 events at Town and spent 4 nights in the city with friends (Thanks guys!)

Strangely, I don't feel like I have much to recap, but I will give it a go, anyhow.

July 3rd...Sam's Birthday & Freaks United at Town.

I hit the gym before work, but my body was oddly fatigued and did not want to be cooperative, so I don't feel as accomplished with the workout as I typically do. Oh well! Went to work and we were HELLA SLOW! So, I put in a text to the bar manager and asked about being the first out. And BANG I was out the door by 12:00. Met up with Cam, RB & CC at Apex for Kiddie Pool Night. It was about 150 degrees inside and was overall just disgusting minus the aforementioned persons and those with which we interacted. Cam & I cut out about 1:30 and began our LOTR walk back to Cam's with a quick stop to get my bags (Thx Eric). We ate some chicken & eggs, Absolut on the side and then retired.

Note: I require 1 LOTR style journey per weekend apparently. See also: the last 2 weekends, which I don't feel like linking.

July 4th... Uncle Sam's Birthday, BBQ & Upstairs Bar at Town.

After lounging a bit & watching some MGS4 action while reading Dirty Job, I donned my Union Jack shirt and headed for the Independence Day BBQ. I chatted with the interpreter for a good portion of the day, played some Trivial Pursuit & drank some liquid libations. At 8:45, texted a food order to Nellie's (thx Cam) and headed that way so I could be at Town by 9:30. July 4th was Town has Talent night, which I only got to hear about; however, Robbie won! Woot! Good job, my friend. For a synopsis, see The Diarist and his Part II for VIDEO. I spent most of my bartending evening serving those that were at the 4th party and other friends. Went to Annie's, got my "to go" omelette. Then, end scene.

Note (1): Omelette ingredients should be mixed not just lumped in to the omelette and butter really is not needed (Sorry Paula, it is true).

Note (b): Some people will still not just accept the humor of wearing a British flag on Independence Day.

Note (!): I am going to continue the weekend in this styling; however, I am realizing that I am not a big fan of this method.

July 5th...Nick's Birthday (guy from Town), The Frozen Wallet Killer, No Sleep

Woke up to half power in the Casa de Cam & Scottie. Scottie ever-resourceful was all first things first and moved the coffee pot into his bedroom where there was power so we could partake of some caffeine. Step #2 was reallocating power to insure internet and TV. (woot!) Watched French Kiss. I <3 Meg! Went to Town at 5:30 to do some data stuff and no one was!!!! So, after venturing up to Starbucks and coming back no one was to be seen still, so I walked my happy ass over to Nell's and chatted with Bill until we both had to go over to Town. During this period at Nellie's I was shown some images that I think may scar me for life (thx Nash) & I don't want to talk further about that. Got to Town, set up shop, & then just hung out with people until we opened. Tonight's interesting cases were: the 40something with horrid breathe who decided it was appropriate to hug/talk to me for about a minute & this little interaction:

(2:50ish, While I am talking to a friend) Guy walks up and slaps my hand. I turn, raise an eyebrow and look at him.

"Can I get a Voss?"

Guy looks at me really puzzled.
"I am sorry, I have no till."
"I have no register with which to sell you a water."
Guy still looks puzzled. Walks over to someone that I know, says a few things then walks off. I say to this person that I know, "Tell your boy that slapping a bartender's hand is not helping his cause."

(3:05ish, While I am working on cleaning up the bar) Same guy returns.

"Can I get a Voss?"
"No. I don't have a register, nor do I have the water, which has been put away."
Guy looks, smiles and stares. I start to walk to the side of the bar, he glides sideways to flow and stare.

"Now you are just being creepy."
"Did you just call me 'creepy'?"
"Yes, you are being creepy."
"You can't call me creepy, how am I being creepy. All I did was ask for a water." (begins throwing money behind my bar) "I am not creepy or cheap."
"I never called you cheap." (As I pick up his money and hand it back to him.) "You asked for a water, you slapped my hand earlier & now you are staring in a weird way."
"I slapped your hand?"
"Yes, you did."
"Oh." Guy walks off.

So, I finish around 4 am. Cam waited and walked with me back to his place. These is more to this but it involves writing, not being able to sleep and more reading.

Note: The biggest disadvantage of working the Frozen Bar is not the less money that you typically make there versus the main bar, but in actuality the inability to escape the weirdos. At the main bar, if someone is being weird, you can walk away, turn and talk to another bartender, etc. At the frozen bar, the machines don't talk back and you just have no where to go. Being located by the exit adds to the likelihood of having weirdos interact with you.

July 6th...Data Entry: Part II, Drag Pageant & SNK

After a little sleep, I woke and read some more. Sidenote: I pick up on moods and tend to mirror them, which has advantages and disadvantages (empathy...shrug) So, I gathered up my stuff from the 3 night stay (THX AGAIN!!!) and headed to Town around 3, after watching the tail end of Akeelah and the Bee. Did my data entry stuff, ate some fat girl food and went about my business of setting up the bar for night. Mitchell rocked out as server and rang over half of my sales, but if I have to make one more Scooby Snack (27)... I did enjoy how he slipped the 8 or 9 shot orders in after getting me to make other things and then he turned and walked off. Very smooth, mister! Anyway, we finished at Town and headed over for some Karaoke fun at Cobalt. I sang, not drunk. redeeming some cred after last weeks less than stellar outing. Waited outside for Robbie, poked fun at a drunk guy, who ran after someone we knew that sprinted off away from him. Weirdness. Sang some tunes with R & M on the ride to Anacostia, then watched some MGS4. Then Sleep.

So that was pretty much my weekend. I will have another posting tomorrow about lessons learned and other personal mumbo jumbo.

"What the fuck have you done lately?"


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