Bar Etiquette, The Sequel

A list of general things to expect from your bartender, when you do certain things.

1) You don't tip. Your bartender will remember your face and ignore your existence at his bar until it is painful.

2) You flirt with your bartender and tip poorly. Your bartender will take the money and continue on his merry way. DO NOT ASK OR GIVE YOUR NUMBER AT THIS POINT.

3) You wave at or motion for your bartender to come to you. Your bartender will wave back or motion for you to come to him and he will continue doing what he was doing before you did this.

4) You whistle, yell, order from behind other guests, order from down the bar. Your bartender will ignore your pleas, just be quiet and wait like a good bar patron.

5) You are being creepy. Your bartender will tell you so.

6) You order one drink at a time. Your bartender will either say "Is that all?", "There are other guests", "Rude!", "I'm sorry I thought you were done the second time." or something else along those lines. DO NOT DO THIS, WE ARE BUSY AND IT IS RUDE!

7) You hang out in front of the bartender's service area. Your bartender will spill something to make you go away. We are here to make money and you are the reason I am not making it at that given point. GET YOUR DRINK AND MOVE TO THE SIDE OR AWAY WHEN IT IS BUSY.

8) You want a complicated drink and you fail to tip well. Your bartender will have short term memory loss the next time you come up and won't be able to make your drink.

9) You were comped your drink and you tipped a dollar. Your bartender will never comp a drink to you, again.

10) You were comped a drink, you barely tip and you flirt with the bartender. SEE #2, you are wasting your time.


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