"Run" by Gnarls Barkley

So, a Nelly Furtado cover of "Crazy" came on at CPK yesterday after a long day of shopping with Cam & boy. I think I probably said something along the line of "Really?" and a conversation ensued that we will entitle: "What the fuck have you done lately, Gnarls Barkley?" I defended them saying that the freshman effort was incredible and that I like this song from the sophomore effort. Anytime you add Cee-Lo Green and Brian Joseph Burton (aka Danger Mouse) together you can count me in.

(Update: 7/21/08)...the cover played at CPK was this one by Shawn Colvin, thank you for the correction my friend. That doesn't effect the context of the conversation, as we were thinking it might be Sarah McLachlan, but we all get the point.




    Just fyi: The "crazy" remake is by Shawn Colvin. Just thought I'd share :)

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