I am...

I am not perfect and will never claim to be. I am better than some in some aspects of life and worse than others in some aspects as well. I am not jaded. I do trust too often now. I do things that I know better than to do. I regret. I don't play games unnecessarily. I forgive but never forget. I love. I analyze my emotions and sometimes marvel over their origins. I am nice as a default, but will bite back when provoked. I never lie, but I will misdirect with the truth sometimes. I will change the way you think. I will be changed by my interactions. I enjoy writing a first-person descriptive paragraph, that borders on too long and unstructured. I like to talk about nutrition. I justify buying things based off of need and divert money from being spent at the bar to pay for it. I am at this moment who I want to be, yet I am not complete.


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