Dream a Weird Dream

So last night/this morning, I had a dream about a Post Hunt sequel. It was stunningly more difficult than the one that I was involved with this past May. I had a different team, which made none of us very happy. My team consisted of my roommate, her sister and Kim's husband, Brian.

We went to the location of the first puzzle, which is a public library. The librarian, of course, is my old high school's librarian. She shushed us countless times as we worked on the puzzle. The puzzle had these clues that each stood for a letter of the alphabet and fell into a puzzle at the bottom of the page to make 2 words. I started tackling the puzzle and for some reason my team did not assist me and are angry at me for taking on the work. So, I got up and left and said something to the effect of, "fine! you go ahead and do it."

I headed over to the next closest puzzle, which was in this room filled with pictures of geese and and this clue giver in a foxhunter's outfit. The answer to the clue, which had some weird long question sheet that didn't make a lot of sense, was Goose Creek Golf Course. My dad helped me with the answer, because in the dream of course he was standing in the room for this purpose.

So, I rushed back to find my team and they had already left the library. I called Sam's cell and it kicked me straight to voicemail. I called Liz's phone, but it had been disconnected and the message told me she owe $63.52. (Sorry Liz!) So, I ended up running into Liz, who was outside smoking a cigarette and waiting for Sam. Same, naturally, had to pee. She told me where to find Brian who was working on the 3rd clue, conveniently in a tent about 50 yards away.

I walked into this tent and it is a demo for EA Sports Tiger Woods 2009 and it's 8-layer control feel. Whatever the hell that means? Unfortunately, I woke up at this point without solving this clue or getting any further along.

The dream was just a tad odd and worth a humor note, if anything.



    Thank you for the corrections.

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