An Open Mike, a 2 Block Walk, Chipotle Ice & No Jalapenos

So yesterday, "The Brain" ventured to Old Town Alexandria for numerous reasons but this story only involves the search for Chipotle. So, I proclaim while we are on King St. that I think that the Chipotle is about 2 blocks down the road. So, we park and begin are walk.

About 20 paces from where the car is parked is a place called Tiffany's Tavern. Outside of this establishment is a sign that reads: THE BEST BURGERS BLUEGRASS AND OPEN MIKE IN TOWN. So, this little bit of misspelling and poor grammar lent itself to a couple of fun observations:

Like maybe going inside and asking for Mike and inquiring into just how "open" he was.
How open does Mike have to be to be considered the Best Open Mike in Town?
Would the 2nd Best Open Mike in Town benefit from a name change?
Can you challenge his "openness" by presenting him with situations that he may not be so "open."

So, back to the 2 block walk. So, I may have misjudged the distance we were away from the Chipotle by a few blocks:

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At Chipotle, because the CDC says so, I am not allowed raw Jalapeno peppers because people with compromised immune systems, infants and the elderly may be susceptible to illness caused by the consumption. Fancy word-jockeying to not say the word "salmonella" aside I wanted me some peppers. Robbie's statement of thank goodness I already got my security upgrade downloaded...or something along that line was well played.

The Ice Machines at Chipotle are admittedly scary, thanks Mitchell. :-) The employee at Chipotle did not gather what the questioning was all about when she was filling the ice and Mitchell was trying to figure out why it was set up the way it was and i think she thought that he was either a) messing with her, b) really stupid or c) ate a jalapeno as evidenced by the "shaking jalapeno syndrome."

Funny day including more talk of "open mike" on the way back to the car, pictures of said sign (which I still am too lame to upload, NOW you can see it on the District Diaries, thank you "3rd Brain" and a LOTR type journey.

Thanks guys! You da bestest!



    you should get an iPhone with GPS!


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