Lets Retro!

Last night I worked the George Michael show at the Verizon Center, which from what I could hear sounded good. I made some moneys, which is always a plus and overall just had a good time. Must say, I am not a fan of bartending in a tie, but whatever. I did meet some guys that will be coming to Town this weekend, including the one who gave me the highlight of my evening:

"You are out of club soda, honey, do you know what kinda crowd this is?"
"Yes, I see you bitches on Friday & Saturday night" *Smiling*
"Oh, where do you work?"
"Oh my God! I'll see you this weekend. Just give me tonic, instead."

So, anyway, I closed up my bar, took my bag of "popcorn" and waited 30 minutes to cash out. Once, out of Verizon ("Verison," apparently in my textese.) I looked for a cab, nope...walked to Metro Center without finding one hopped on the red line and wisked away to Cobalt to meet up with 2/3rds of The Brain for some dancing.

I "learned" some break dance moves thanks to the instructional video being played. And I danced for a good 30 minutes and was done. It was a tad hot and I don't like being a hot sweaty mess.

So, I wandered around and talked to people that I have not really talked to in a while outside of our respective work environments, which was a good time.

All in all, a much needed good time was had. Thank you, my friends.



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