Simple Update

Yes, I have not done great work with my blog recently. Though I think there have been moments that still have been at least on the above average side of writing. I have been so focused on getting things the way I need them to be, in order to accomplish a few goals. 1) To take classes and get my B.S. so I might actually go on to get an MBA. 2)Being happy, which has been a challenge from both a geographic and psychological standpoint. 3) Getting an additional job to occupy some of my time and to make life from a economic standpoint easier.

I LOVE my friends and had the privilege of having brunch with 3 of the best that I have today. Our conversations, even about nothing are awesome. I like the way we think. It was at this brunch that I was scorned for my lack of note taking at work and the lack of content for my blog(s).

I am a writer who really needs inspiration. I can churn out an essay or a meaningless rant with the best of them. But, my best content is typically from random observations from my interactions with people, especially my friends. Remember, from the last paragraph, I like the way we think.

So, yes this is just more filler for now, but someone needs to hook a boy up with some material. Please, do something stupid or funny or weird. Say something intelligent, challenge me and make me think outside my narrow perspective. Feed me, people! Come On!!



    i can cross my eyes, is that inspiring??


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