Notes From the Frozen "Bar"

Friday, May 30, 2008

A quick note about the frozen bar at town. It is located at the coat check area which is near the exit door and under the main stairs. Also, located to the right of the bar in clear view is an ATM.

~The strawberry pulp looks like red/black sewage before it is frozen.
~Is there supposed to be things floating in the strawberry?
~TEXT OF THE NIGHT: Do you know a lot about buying a car?
(I was a professional auto buyer for 3 years and the texter met me while I was doing this.)
~Me: Did you get your hair cut?
Evil K: I went to the beach, I think I grew into my skin color. and strawberry. That's what everyone else is doing, right? (at 9:45 pm)
~SHIRT OF THE NIGHT: "I'm not Mr. Right, but I'll fuck you until you meet him."
~Red, Please.
~I get to see all the dancers that are too good for the dance floor.
~Synchronized Skipping is SO GAY!
~Guy: Excuse me I got a receipt but no money from the ATM
Me (looking at the receipt): Perhaps if you put in the correct PIN, you will get your money.
~Guy #2: Where's the ATM Machine?
Me (noting both the redundancy and location of the ATM): Ummm...right there (points to my left)
~ Girl #1: Do you want frozen?
Girl #2 (Turning and walking away): NO!
~Guy #3: Frozen? Hells Yes!
Guy #3: Make mine extra refreshing.


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